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A hand and foot ball game played between two teams. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: sports
Used on these elements
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Status: in use

sport=rugby is the standard tag for mapping all rugby points on OSM.

To specify the version of rugby played, one can add a further tag of rugby=union or rugby=league if known. The area should also be tagged with leisure=pitch or leisure=stadium.

How to map

Rugby has two similar versions which are played, known as rugby union and rugby league.

Geography of the rugby versions

Rugby union is the most internationally visible and popular in southern England, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and northern France.

By comparison rugby league is particularly popular in northern England, eastern Australia, south Auckland, and southwest France.

Rule differences

Rugby league is played with two fewer players, tries receive one fewer points, and sides are limited to only six ball possessions, after which they must kick the ball away.

How to show the two versions of rugby on OSM

There was previously a disagreement about how to classify rugby on OpenStreetMap, but a consensus has since emerged.

It is advised to solely use the primary tag sport=rugby.

From there, if you know the version of rugby played at the location you are mapping, you can add a minor tag of rugby=union or rugby=league.

This is because most map users will only be interested in the wider type of sport played, e.g. rugby, soccer, American football, cricket, etc.

Only those with a knowledge of rugby will be interested in which specific rules of the game are followed. This can be found by looking at the full list of tags.

Using sport=rugby allows mappers and services to analyse the map regardless of the version of rugby followed.

Previous tagging methods

Some users have in the past used the primary tags of sport=rugby_union or sport=rugby_league. This was done without the agreement of other users, however, and is not recommended.

The sport=rugby tag is superior as it allows users to see rugby as a whole sport on the world map.

It then allows specialist rugby users to then analyse the data further by using the rugby=(code) tag if they wish.

It also helps in cases where users do not know the version of rugby played, and helps avoid wrongly mapping the version of rugby played.

Naming policy

For naming purposes, most clubs are referred to using acronyms such as F.C., R.F.C., A.F.C., or so on. For search purposes, it is advisable to use the acronym for efficiency, but one should omit the punctuation, and instead use FC, RFC, AFC, etc.

Pitch layouts

Pitch sharing

Despite the two different pitch sizes since the removal restrictions on professionalism by the RFU in 1995, it has been possible for clubs to share facilities including pitches. If you are unsure which version of rugby is played, follow the standard guidelines and tag as sport=rugby. A user with local knowledge can then come along and provide specific input as to whether the location uses rugby=union, rugby=league, or both.