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This is a new proposal based on the discussion on amenity=spa

Spa Resort
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Johan Jönsson
Tagging: tourism=spa_resort
Applies to: node, area
Definition: Establishment offering relaxing treatment for health and beauty, the types that are called spa-treatments. Should involve some kind of bathing.
Drafted on: 2014-08-03


To map establishments that you can go to for a day or a weekend to get a relaxing spa-treatment involving bathing.

Establishments called spa are turning up here and there, based on Wikipedia and a website I'll use the below list to try and sort out at what scale the proposal starts and where it ends.

  • beauty salon Nope, more like leisure or amenity.
  • day_spa
  • spa_resort
  • destination_spa To serious, might be covered by healthcare

The proposal is to map the establishments sometime called day spa and spa_resort. wikipedia:day spa explains it rather well.

There is an old history behind the term "spa", and it have been used in transferred meaning on some linked but different features during the years. at 2014 the tourism-industry have adopted this term and use it quite extensively. That doesn't mean that the old more traditional uses of spa have been forgotten, there is some ambiguity in the term spa because of this.


Tourist could need directions to these places, they seem rather popular and ought to attract people that don't know the surroundings. Would one go looking for nearest spa, nah-that is probably a planned thing. So the rationale isn't strong.


Here are two examples from Sweden, two places I know as spas where you can stay the weekend

  • Yasuragi-Hasseludden in Stockholm, Sweden. The element tagged as hotel today. I am quite sure that is more of a spa with hotel than the other way around. If you get a room here you are supposed to have it in a spa-package. You can go to the spa without chacking in though.
lodging=yes -or something like that
  • Arken Hotel & Spa in Göteborg, Sweden. The element tagged as hotel today. I think this a sort of combo of a hotel and a spa, you can go to either without the other. A candidate for two elements, if one element I guess the more common hotel would be best.
spa=yes -or something like that
spa=yes -or something like that

Of the above, I only found one that could use this new tag.


Add a Node or use the Area of the establishment. Use if it is primarily a spa and secondary something else. This will be especially a concern with hotels,ask yourself if it is a hotel mainly for the spa visitors.

See also

or if there ever be something like a leisure=fitness_centre

and of course


Not open.