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Public-images-osm logo.svg waterway = drystream
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A negative form of erosion relief formed by the activity of temporary streams. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Waterways
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Status: draft

Alternative tagging

Use of this tag is discouraged.


Dry stream bed - negative forms of erosion relief formed by the activity of temporary streams.

Small dry natural channels formed by temporary water streams can be found at the bed of ravines and small valleys, river terraces and on the valley slopes. These landforms characterized by small plunging, tortuosity and similar appearance.

The difference from intermittent streams waterway=stream + intermittent=yes is not clear. The proposal was:

"waterway=drystream used in the designation of those dry stream beds, where there is no water for several years. To indicate seasonal streams, which is the item hydrography, use tags waterway=stream + intermittent=yes"
"Those dry channels can be filled with water during snow melting and heavy rains. If they stay filled with water more than 3-4 weeks, then tags waterway=stream + intermittent=* should be used."

However, waterway=* + intermittent=* is also used for desert rivers which very rarely hold water, or only for very brief periods.

How to map

Draw the line along the bed of the channel and add tag waterway=drystream.

Useful combination

Use width=* to specify approximate channel width.


Dry streams are not currently rendered in standard tile layer.

See also

  • waterway=* - The waterway key is used to mark rivers or other kind of waterways
  • natural=earth_bank - Large erosion gully or steep earth bank
  • natural=cliff - A vertical or almost vertical natural drop in terrain, usually with a bare rock surface. The bottom of the cliff is on the right side of the way
  • natural=gully - Small scale cut in relief created by water erosion
  • natural=valley - A natural depression flanked by ridges or ranges of mountains or hills
  • intermittent=yes - Used to indicate whether or not a waterway or water body does not permanently contain water