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Public-images-osm logo.svg waterway = rapids
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A fast-flowing and turbulent section of a waterway which is not a waterfall. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: waterways
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Status: de facto

The tag waterway=rapids is used for whitewater rapids, a fast-flowing, often turbulent, section of a watercourse such as a river, often containing exposed rocks or boulders. Also see the newer tags whitewater:rapid_grade=* and whitewater:section_grade=* which are still less common but have been gradually increasing in use.

How to map

  • As node:
Add waterway=rapids to a node shared with the waterway=river at the location of the rapids, and add the name=* if known.
  • As line:
Draw a linear way along the centre line. In this case it is still necessary to map the centre line of the river with waterway=river.
This could be extended with additional information with whitewater:rapid_grade=* and whitewater:section_grade=*, with the option of using whitewater:rapid_grade=unknown. Although some prefer to apply these tags to waterway=river instead.
  • As area:
For the sake of consistency, please consider using natural=water+water=rapids to indicate part of river area containing rapids. In that case duplicate water=river or waterway=rapids area is not created.
Some mappers have used waterway=rapids as a closed way around the area of the rapids. This is an obsolete way to be, please prefer now the first solution.

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