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Can we please use the correct difficulty for europe, maybe even forget the american system for europe and just use the color codes actually used by the ski area.

I have never ever seen an orange piste. Well that is some offpiste routes might be marked on the map with a different color and line.

doubleblack is black but a black does not have to be a double black black is red but the easiest red might not qualify for black blue is blue green is green

Inclination values in degrees are not right

The values shown for the inclinations can be stated in degrees or %. The values on the page do not seem to be correct for either, but certainly NOT for degrees!

Please see:


I.e. The steepest Black runs start at about 35 % = 22 degrees or more with the most extreme typically being around 78 % = 38 degrees.

So saying that European Blue runs are 30 to 35 degrees is wrong. They are typically upto 25 % = 14 degrees.

Can someone please update this Wiki page accordingly and let me know? - I am not familar with the process or method, etc. to update/review/etc.

Regards Henry