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How to add multiple images to a single feature?

I'd like to add multiple images of single guidepost (eg. [1]). Many of the guideposts can't be covered by just one image. The problem is when it has signs from many directions. --*Martin* (talk) 20:25, 11 October 2016 (UTC)

Ideally you should link a relevant category or a galery page, but the tag allows just a direct link to an image (not even its description page, which is quite unfortunate). The doc anyway says that page names (instead of direct URLs) inncluding the File: or Category: namespace or no prefix for the galery page, is now accepted (and in fact even preferable to links which are restrincting to a single server or a single HTTP or HTTPS protocol, allowing the use of external proxies or local caches in applications).
instead I think that linking to the Wikidate entry would offer the best options of exploration (encompassing also the wikipedias with a single entry for all languages, even if we keep just one wikipedia in a default local language). — Verdy_p (talk) 20:53, 11 October 2016 (UTC)

Criteria for creating a commons category

"Anything having a Commons Category (not just a file) satisfies the notability criteria and is allowed to have a Wikidata entry. ", but what are the guidelines for creating new categories?

This question should go to the Commons wiki in their community page. Basically, a category is created when calssification of topics requires grouping them and an exisiting category becomes too large to find easily relevant files without additional criteria. There's some structure or ontology, but in fact Commonsis not the only player, and Wikidata also drives the overall organization of topics across all wikis, including but not limtied to Commons and Wikipedia.
Not all knowledge topics has articles in Wikipedia, or images in Commons to illustrate them, and there are even images that cannot be stored on Commons due to copyright restrictions or privacy or the local policy about some critical topics which may be offensive. So thre will exist categories in Wikiepdia with no matching category in Commons, or categories in Commons with no matching category in one or more Wikipedias. But Wikidata will collect data about all wikis and their particularities of what is suitable for one but not for another.
Authors have categories in Wikidata and in Commons because of their books or photos of their creation or personal photos in public events or in public job positions, but they have no key in OSM, as they are not themselves geolocalized. But they can have a Wikidata entry. — Verdy_p (talk) 00:16, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

Support on the OSM website

On the website it's possible to click through to images tagged with image=* (example: node milestone). People appear to be using that option because it "works".

If we are to promote the use of wikimedia_commons=* it would be good if we could similar click through to images/categories/pages (example: node memorial stone), right? After all this tag is the safer option?