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  • The word will mean different things in different places (and often different things in the same place to different people). Suggest for OSM we use man_made=jetty for small finger piers, often 2m wide and made of wood. typically the intention is mooring=yes (for small boats).
--Hamish 07:44, 3 May 2010 (UTC)
--actually I suggest we don't use "jetty" at all because it's just going to cause confusion and be inconsistently applied. Groyne, pier, and breakwater should cover all but the small finger piers (eg a wooden pilings boat dock). ?? --Hamish

jetties in america

USACE Rogue River jetties.jpg

in America, a jetty is a form of barrier, usually made of stacked rocks used to anchor the entrance of a river or harbor and protect the river/harbor from ocean swells. They are usually found in pairs, with one on either side of the mouth of harbor or river, sticking out perpendicularly from the shore.

Currently, no other tag fills this description. This is different from a Tag:man_made=groyne because it is not intended to prevent sand movement along the beach, and jetties are almost always much larger. This is different from a Tag:man_made=breakwater because breakwaters are parallel to the shore, and usually not connected to land.

Because of this, i think Tag:man made=jetty SHOULD be used and it's wiki page updated to describe when to use it.

--Dru1138 (talk) 22:07, 11 September 2014 (UTC)