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Information of interest: quay length, dock length, dock(gate) width, number of cranes + max SWL, water/fuel/power availability. I think some of this already have tags in OSM, so maybe linking to these other tags would be good. --Skippern 10:17, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

How to tag

Here are a few comments on the latest version:

It is not clear why "area" is mandatory to be used. Why should not "node" be a possible alternative?

Boatyards are not necessarily buildings. And often the area of boatyards are much larger than the buildings. So is makes sense NOT to tag the buildings as boatyard, but the whole area. --nkbre 13:17, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Agreed, changing. Erik Johansson 15:32, 4 September 2009 (UTC)

Is this also for winter storage?

I've always thought of a boatyard as a place where you primarily build boats or make repairs. In Sweden we usually have marinas for boats and on the land side there is a big field/yard/area for storing the boats during the winter.. Should this be tagged as a boat yard? Erik Johansson 15:28, 4 September 2009 (UTC)

Incompatible with landuse=commercial?

Is this tag incompatible with landuse=commercial? Osmose reckons it is. I suspect it should be, but then as this tag is defined as being specifically "out of the water", it's not unreasonable to also give it a landuse designation. — Sam Wilson ( TalkContribs ) … 23:28, 16 January 2016 (UTC)

1) As boatyard is not part of a waterway .. perhaps it should not be a waterway tag at all!
2) Better tagged as landuse=industrial, industrial=boatyard, boatyard=general, sailboat etc.
3) Ships should be separated out .. much larger! So industrial=shipyard etc.
Warin61 (talk) 01:14, 17 January 2016 (UTC)

Agree with Samwilson and Warin61 - landuse probably industrial as industrial processes are used - boat manufacture & boat repair. Storage is often available at boatyards. Boatyard does not need to be next to a waterway and is ordinarily land based; graving docks are rare exceptions. Boatyards also service canal boats so can we have that differentiator also. Much work on a boat is also done undercover in a large building - so a land use is more informative and truer to real life. Yes - please separate ships and shipyards. --TonyS (talk) 10:46, 23 April 2018 (UTC)

Proposed Merger with industrial=shipyard

IMHO one of the key distinctions between a boatyard and a shipyard is the mobility of the vessels once on land. With few exceptions ships are usually too large and fragile to move about once they are out of the water and can usually only 'inhabit' drydocks. A boatyard on the other hand would usually lift and move boats to an area where they can be worked on or stored. The only time I would expect a ship to move over land would be during construction or in their initial launch. I feel that there is sufficient distinction between the two to oppose the page merger.--InsertUser (talk) 11:09, 9 February 2019 (UTC)

Why waterway?

Why is this a waterway when, by definition, this POI is on the ground? --Sparks (talk) 17:56, 9 July 2019 (UTC)

I agree. if it's "a place for constructing, repairing and storing vessels out of the water." then waterway is an anachronism. --DaveF63 (talk) 17:10, 15 January 2022 (UTC)
All aeroway=* and most aerialway=* features are on the ground, not in the air. ----- Kovposch (talk) 06:53, 16 January 2022 (UTC)
Two wrongs don't make a right.--DaveF63 (talk) 15:38, 16 January 2022 (UTC)
They are related to waterways, like waterway=fuel and waterway=water_point. Not every highway=* is a road, as listed in Key:highway#Other_highway_features. ----- Kovposch (talk) 06:55, 16 January 2022 (UTC)
First two examples reinforce the point. The third is, again, two wrongs don't make a right. Did this tag ever render in OSM-Carto?--DaveF63 (talk) 21:32, 3 February 2022 (UTC)
But those non-highway highway=* examples (at least as far as I can tell) are either always on, or immediately adjacent to, an actual highway. A boat yard is not (by definition) on a waterway and nor does it have to be adjacent to one. In fact, there is often complete separation with access from the body of water to a boatyard via slipways and then service roads. Even worse, a boatyard may not be anywhere near a waterway=* in OSM terms. Instead it could be near a lake, reservoir, or the ocean - none of which are tagged as waterways. Casey boy (talk) 14:55, 6 May 2022 (UTC)
I agree it seems odd. The amenity=boat_storage tag seems to use a more appropriate key (amenity). I also note there is a substantial overlap between these two tags. Casey boy (talk) 14:40, 6 May 2022 (UTC)