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Problem in the map

Problem with "noname" user is so in D1 exit 134 Merin. This small work have 5 grand bug. I thing, we need version system for editing maps. -- Hanoj

Hello Hanoj, please send me your comments concerning exit 134 Merin work. What were those bugs? That was one of my first experience with OSM. I don't want to repeat my bugs. You don't have valid email so I cannot communicate to you via email. :-( -- Johny99

>> Hanoj add comment to User_talk:Johny99

Please, I strongly ask everyone not to mess the maps. I've mapped lots of streets of Praha and some moron has created some overlapped ways and lots of stale unconnected nodes! Now I have to clean this mess! ALWAYS DOWNLOAD EXISTING DATA BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING!!! -- Radek Podgorny


2006-11-30 - I'm going to create an automated tile rendering script and dedicate some computing power to render tiles of Praha (at least for now, other places will come). You can check the first testing renderings at or on the slippy map (you have to select osmarender as the tile source). Feedback and ideas are welcome. -- Radek Podgorny


  • Diacritics: is it okay to use? Can server cope now? What encoding? Anything but utf-8 is probably not suitable for international project... -- Pavel
  • server use correct UTF-8, problem is only with render of map with non-utf font. --Hanoj

Zmena licence

Na sve uzivatelske strance jsem v cestine sepsal par duvodu proc si myslim, ze zmena licence neni vhodna. --Jkjk 02:50, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

Novinka k zmapování

Kde se dá upozorňovat na novinku vhodnou k zmapování? Zatím jsem nic takového nenašel. U Klatov prý otevřeli novou silnici[1] a na OSM není ani jako rozestavěná. Miraceti 18:56, 29 September 2012 (BST)