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Table Castle_type

Key Value Description Map icon Example
castle_type defensive Defensive castle. Fortified, defensible dwelling or military stronghold
castle_type palace A palace is a grand residence in a city, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop.
Schloss Charlottenburg
castle_type stately Stately home. Representative building without functional defenses. Sometimes rebuilt from former defensive structures.
Schloss Oranienbaum
castle_type manor A manor house is a country house which was historically the capital residence or messuage within a manor, the basic unit of territorial organisation in the feudal system in Europe, in which dwelled the lord of the manor.
Schloss Garzau
castle_type fortress Fortress. Heavily fortified structure with military use.
Festung Marienberg
castle_type castrum Roman fort
Porta Praetoria (Nachbau)
castle_type shiro Shiro a Japanese castle. When "shiro" is used in a name, it is usually read as "jo". Pictured is Himeji-jo - Himeji Castle.
Himeji Castle
castle_type kremlin A kremlin is a major fortified central complex found in historic Russian cities.
Weliki Nowgorod
castle_type hillfort A hillfort is a type of earthworks used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage.
Maiden Castle
castle_type user defined Any other type of a castle.

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