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Providing further information about tag values for other mappers and in some cases also for users. See the page titled Annotations for an introduction on its usage.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
attribution User defined node way area relation Attribution to originator if required
comment User defined node way area relation Comment. Usually a description of a changeset primarily for other mappers. See note=* for nodes, ways and relations.
description User defined node way area relation Text that might be viewable to the end user (perhaps using a search system or a map with pop-ups)
email User defined node way area relation E-Mail address associated with an object
fax User defined node way area relation Fax number associated with an object
fixme User defined node way area relation A description to yourself or to other mappers of a (possible) error in the map
image URL node way area relation Reference to an image (use the source_ref=* key below when the image is referencing the source of the element)
wikimedia_commons File name node way area relation Reference to an image or other media found on Wikimedia Commons
note User defined node way area relation A note to yourself or to other mappers.
phone User defined node way area relation Telephone number associated with an object
source User defined node way area relation Indicates the source of some information added to OpenStreetMap.
source extrapolation node way area relation Extension of information from a known source
source historical node way area relation From out-of-copyright mapping or other historical document
source image node way area relation Photograph or video
source knowledge node way area relation Local or common knowledge
source survey node way area relation Track from GPS unit (usually GPX fomat) or other physical survey; suggested addition - survey:date=YYYY-MM-DD
source voice node way area relation Voice recordings; e.g., dictaphone
source:name User defined node way area relation Source used to gather name information; e.g., for street names
source:ref User defined node way area relation Reference data source; e.g., for road numbers
source_ref User defined node way area relation To record the URI, source reference (e.g., Landsat) or other link to physical sources
todo User defined node way area relation A text note to yourself or another mapper describing how the particular element can be improved
url URL node way area relation URL associated with an object. Use more meaningful keys like website=*, image=* or wikipedia=* where applicable!
website URL node way area relation Official website of an object
wikipedia Language and article title node way area relation Wikipedia article associated with an object

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

[Edit] [Purge] Template-info.svg Template documentation

Template for the Annotation table in the Map Features page. Use the default English text or use the template arguments for your translations


All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.

== section header ==
|name=        (section header line)
|description= (displayed before and/or after the table; optional)
== One key/value row ==
|annotation:key=   |note:value=  |note:element=  |note:desc=   |note:render=   |note:photo=

Template for copy/paste...

| attribution:key=Key:attribution
| attribution:value=''User defined''
| attribution:desc=
| comment:key=Key:description
| comment:value=''User defined''
| comment:desc=
| description:key=Key:description
| description:value=''User defined''
| description:desc=
| email:key=Key:email
| email:value=''User defined''
| email:desc=
| fax:key=Key:fax
| fax:value=''User defined''
| fax:desc=
| fixme:key=Key:fixme
| fixme:value=''User defined''
| fixme:desc=
| image:key=Key:image
| image:value=''URL''
| image:desc=
| note:key=Key:note
| note:value=''User defined''
| note:desc=
| phone:key=Key:phone
| phone:value=''User defined''
| phone:desc=
| source:key=Key:source
| source_user_defined:value=''User defined''
| source_user_defined:desc=
| extrapolation:desc=
| historical:desc=
| photo:desc=
| knowledge:desc=
| survey:desc=
| voice:desc=
| source:name:key=Key:source
| source_name_user_defined:value=''User defined''
| source_name_user_defined:desc=
| source:ref:key=Key:source
| source_colon_ref_user_defined:value=''User defined''
| source_colon_ref_user_defined:desc=
| source_ref:key=Key:source
| source_ref_user_defined:value=''User defined''
| source_ref_user_defined:desc=
| url:key=Key:url
| url:value=''URL''
| url:desc=
| todo:key=Key:todo
| todo:value=''User defined''
| todo:desc=
| website:key=Key:website
| website:value=''URL''
| website:desc=
| wikipedia:key=Key:wikipedia
| wikipedia:value=''URL or article title''
| wikipedia:desc=