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This is used in conjunction with historic=memorial to specify which kind of memorial it is.

Key Value Element Comment Map rendering Image
memorial war_memorial nodearea  War memorial – a building, monument, statue or other edifice to celebrate a war or victory, or (predominating in modern times) to commemorate those who died or were injured in a war.

If the memorial can be clearly defined with another value (such as memorial=statue for a war memorial statue), the following tagging can be used: memorial=statue + war_memorial=yes [1] [2]

Kriegerdenkmal Gönnern (2).jpg
memorial plaque node A  commemorative plaque, i.e. a plate of metal, ceramic, stone, wood, or other material, typically attached to a wall, stone, or other vertical surface.)
memorial blue_plaque node A  blue plaque is a sign installed in a public place in the United Kingdom and elsewhere to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person or event, serving as a historical marker.
Sign at Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker St 221b.jpg
memorial statue node A  statue representing and commemorating a historical, living or fictitious person.
memorial bust node  bust – like a statue, but only the upper part of the human figure.
Busto de Vibia Sabina (M. Prado) 01.jpg
memorial stele node A  stele Babylonian stele Louvre Sb9.jpg
memorial stolperstein node  Stolperstein, commemorating victims of Nazi extermination or persecution. Stolperstein Berlin Budapester Str.jpg
memorial stone nodearea A stone with an inscription, picture, or similar.
Kuncicky bludny balvan.jpg
memorial obelisk node  Obelisk. The tag memorial=obelisk should be used only on "small" obelisks. See also man_made=obelisk and its subkeys and for taller ones see historic=monument too. Wolf-katharina-2008.jpg
memorial bench nodearea Bench Charles Hackley statue.jpg
memorial sculpture nodearea A non figurative sculpture which does not match any of the above categories Suffragette Memorial, Christchurch Gardens, London.jpg
memorial ghost_bike nodearea A bicycle painted white in order to remember victims of road accidents, specifically cyclists who lost their lives. Ghostcycle-2005.jpg
memorial cross nodearea A  cross-shaped memorial to commemorate a special event or an incident, typically where one or more people died. HGG-Steinklamm-Marterl.JPG
memorial pulpulak node Memorial stone with integrated bubbler. It is more common in Armenia. Pulpulak-2.jpg
memorial cenotaph nodearea Empty tomb Cenotaph, Hong Kong 1.jpg
memorial user defined nodearea All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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|name         = 
|description  = 
|head:key     = 
|head:value   = 
|head:element = 
|head:desc    = 
|head:render  = 
|head:photo   = 
|war_memorial:desc = 
|plaque:desc       = 
|plate:desc        = 
|blue_plaque:desc  = 
|statue:desc       = 
|bust:desc         = 
|stele:desc        = 
|stolperstein:desc = 
|stone:desc        = 
|obelisk:desc      = 
|bench:desc        = 
|sculpture:desc    = 
|ghost_bike:desc   = 
|cross:desc        = 
|pulpulak:desc     =
|cenotaph:desc     = 
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