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Key Value Element Usable by Rendering Photo
smoothness excellent linia obszar (thin_rollers) roller blade, skate board and all below Highway secondary-photo.jpg
smoothness good linia obszar (thin_wheels) racing bike and all below Bus prumyslova.jpg
smoothness intermediate linia obszar (wheels) city bike, sport cars, wheel chair, Scooter and all below Map feature ford.jpg
smoothness bad linia obszar (robust_wheels) trekking bike, normal cars, Rickshaw and all below Smoothnessverybad.jpg
smoothness very_bad linia obszar (high_clearance) Car with high clearance, light-duty off road vehicles Mountain-track1.jpg
smoothness horrible linia obszar (off_road_wheels) heavy-duty off road vehicles and all below Jena Trackexample profile.jpg
smoothness very_horrible linia obszar (specialized_off_road_wheels) tractor, ATV, tanks, trial, Mountain bike and all kind of off-highway vehicles (see also mtb:scale=*) Mountain-track5.jpg
smoothness impassable linia obszar No wheeled vehicle (see also sac_scale=*) Smoothness impassable.JPG

Please note: Photos are examples ONLY ! Because the smoothness of a way should be assessed solely based on whether the way is usable by the vehicles mentioned above. This is my whole point: as a user of a certain road or path I am only interested whether I can drive on this road or not.

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