UK Quarterly Project/2020/2020 Q2 Project: GP Surgeries and Healthsites

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A very common kind of "health site"

The second UK Quarterly Project of 2020 (April, May, and June) is detailing GP surgeries and other health site locations, including (but not limited to) pharmacies, dentists, and COVID-19 temporary hospitals.

Surveying should not contravene any guidance on social distancing that may be in place. We encourage you to stay very safe, and to strongly consider armchair mapping activities.

Please share and add to this page any useful tools or sources.

Useful wiki pages

Potential sources and tools

Things to do

  • Find photos in your own archives, or openly-licensed on Flickr (or elsewhere) and add them to Wikimedia Commons; then tag the OSM object with a link
    • Do not leave home to take photographs!
  • create Wikidata items for chains not listed below; including local or regional groups
  • alongside Wikidata, check the Name Suggestion Index for UK brands. See [2] and filter by 'gb'.
  • check street addresses are accurate and complete
  • check or `add web addresses
  • check for pharmacies inside medical centres or supermarkets
  • refine local access (entrance locations, parking, etc).

Chains to look out for

Don't copy info from the storefinders, but branch web pages are preferred over generic homepages.

Name Store finder Notes Wikidata
Boots Getting the branch web page over search result is preferred, but not essential. Q6123139
Day Lewis Pharmacy Q62563772
Jhoots Pharmacy Sometimes stylised to JHOOTS, storefinder doesn't show recent take overs Q91440588
Lloyds Pharmacy Getting a clean URL from the storefinder can be difficult, but you only need ?storeId=10151&storeIdentifier=x Q6662870
Rowlands Pharmacy Q62663235
Superdrug Not always a pharmacy Q7643261
Well Pharmacy Q7726524

How to map (in the UK)

these are the beginnings of notes...please edit and expand Jnicho02 (talk) 13:30, 22 April 2020 (UTC)

Chemist shops and pharmacies

  • OSM specifically differentiates between a shop=chemist and a amenity=pharmacy
  • A chemist shop may have a pharmacy counter within in. Q: is the pharmacy counter a separate node within the chemists, or does this make the entire node an amenity=pharmacy?
  • A shop with 'Pharmacy' in its name (e.g. Lloyds Pharmacy) may appear very similar to a chemists (e.g. Boots the Chemist) with a pharmacy counter. Q: does the name automatically make it an amenity=pharmacy?