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Hello !

I see some limitation about the current tagging scheme for roads, paths, cycleways and footways : the famous key highway=*

Here are 4 images from Mapillary, 3 highway=trunk and 1 highway=motorway : a trunk road in UK typical French trunk French trunk N157 French motorway A81

The motorway is the *last* picture, the 3 first pictures are trunk roads. I would have expected the first road be rendered not like the 3 last roads, those last 3 roads should have been rendered the same as they look the same.

For example :

To pass those limitations and to get a better map, I think we should split the highway=* tag into several tags :

This applies for cars, but we can also have that for hgv, psv, foot, bike or motorcycle. Example : a residential street (for cars) that is importance_local=6 can have a importance:bike=1 tag if it is part of a bicycle network.

Examples : looks like a motorway with a bicycle lane (this is really a bicycle lane !) : a regular French motorway : a regular French street with a lot of local traffic and no regional traffic (the city of Rennes is surrounded by a bypass)