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These are some of my personal tags and their syntax. These aren't approved in any way, but at least I can enter the data I want in OSM this way.

Italic value is the default value.

Quality assurance

I'm thinking of making qa=* tag, which can be used if certain conditions are met.

However, I'm not sure how and when to tag this exactly...

Vehicle classes

  • foot
  • bicycle
  • horse
  • moped
    • moped_A
    • moped_B
  • motorcycle
  • (needs a name)
    • motorcar
    • bus
    • goods
  • tram



  • hgv is meaningless in Belgium, use goods
  • If I use a class like "moped", it includes all its subclasses (i.e. moped_A and moped_B)

Road features

Compound relations

To hold everything of a street together (i.e. name and perhaps more) I make a relation with type=street. Also see Relations/Proposed/Collected_Ways.

As of now, these tags are found in it:

This means that street name relations will be split at municipality boundaries. A solution has yet to be found for when one side of the street lies in another postal code area, but this I don't see a reason now why left or right roles should be a problem.

Note that I'm duplicating things on the ways as long as there's no real support for this.

It's also not necessary to make a relation if there's just one way for that road.

Features belonging to that road (shops, bus stops etc.) can then be added to this relation.

Speed bumps and tables

This is approved, but let's be clear when to use what.

Street name descriptions

name_description=* holds the extra information on the street name signs about its name.

Probably best used on compound relations so not every piece of road needs it.

Access restrictions

Oneway not applicable to certain vehicles

To override oneway=yes:

Note: I don't use cycleway=opposite anymore, since that's not extendable. Furthermore it doesn't allow an explicit oneway=no for bicycles.

No exit

I'm not tagging roads with noexit=*. It should be obvious from the data and often the signs don't take other vehicle types into account.

Parking restrictions

TODO: alternate parking rules

Access relation for complex restrictions

Relation with type=access and some of these:

When or where it applies on the road:

The restriction:

Extra information:

  • zone=yes/no For zone signs (zone 30, zone no parking over 3.5tons, etc)

TODO: variable signs

House numbers

I prefer having them on the road itself and not like the Karlsruhe scheme on a separate parallel way. It also shouldn't be too difficult either.

Not sure whether it would be needed to add this at every point where a road is split up