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On the OSM IRC(essentially a chat room), 31st August 2009 22:06:

--- RichardF has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap | gregory: I found geocaching is the way to get the girls | FAQ:

and so it followed that we need to create an FAQ for geo-geeks getting girls, this is it...

Feel free to add to it: questions, alternative answers, or both, in any suitable order. Please keep it clean, well at least word the adult humor/innuendos cunningly.


  • Q: Is there a formula for finding someone that loves OSM?
    • A: Snag yourself a female cycling geek, all cycling geeks love OSM. -RichardF
    • A: Be the one who tags the most shop=shoes POIs. -Bass

  • Q: Shall I buy an OSM surveyor high-vis as a surprise present?
    • A: This is a dangerous move as you'll get the wrong size or the right size will be the wrong thought. Consult with a female mapper friend who has met your geo-girl. Failing a female mapper friend, inform your high-vis supplier that you may wish to return & exchange sizes later (they will understand the reason). -LastGrape/Gregory

  • Q: Where can I find a female geo-geek for advice (that isn't the geo-geek I'm after).
    • A: Good luck, I wish you lots of it. They are few and far between, but some will hopefully sign their name below here... -LastGrape/Gregory
  • Q: What do you do if your geo-geek girlfriend loves OSM more than you?
    • A: Take a look at it on the bright side: lots of time for mapping -Stanton

Going further

  • Q: I want to get close to a geo-girl, but not the potlatch editing newbie kind, parental advice for getting so close?
    • A: Quoting Nightdive out of context: "we really need some protection in the future. One single user can break the whole map" -LastGrape/Gregory

Geocaching & non-mapping

  • Q: What else can we do with a GPS (besides mapping)?
    • A: Please refer to the original quote: geocaching is the way to get the girls. -LastGrape/Gregory

  • Q: Can you give more advice for geocaching?
    • A: Race them to find the cahces, but secretly let them find most of them. -LastGrape/Gregory

  • Q: How do we find the girls to go geocaching with?
    • A: You go to myspace and extract GPS exif tags of girls you like. Then you go out with your GPS, track them down and retrieve them. -avar

Chat-up Lines

  • I just ran my network analyst tool. Your shortest path home is to my apartment. - Laura Kinley
  • You'd look good if projected in gall-peters. (fail)

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