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You may want to prepare upcoming large-scale changes, such as a new mobility plan in a city coming into effect soon. There's no automatic mechanism for this in OSM. Some options:

  • Wait until it's in effect and map it then (simplest).
  • Map the new situation with lifecycle prefix tags such as planned:* (see below).
  • Prepare the changes in JOSM and upload them later (discouraged because of the risk of edit conflicts).

Examples of using lifecycle prefix tags

Also add a note for other mappers to all objects, e.g. note=Prepared edits for new mobility plan coming into effect on 2023-09-15. (Tip: Save this text somewhere in a file so you can copy-paste.)

Ask in your local community to find an experienced mapper to apply these changes, it will probably take them only half an hour with Overpass and JOSM. Shameless promotion: if you don't find an experienced mapper who does this for free, M!dgard can assist you with this for a fee.

This document

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