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In late August 2009 I approached the foundation behind Skåneleden, a network of hiking trails in the Swedish region of Skåne, concerning a number of GPX files they had placed on their website. My intent was to make use of these files to begin mapping and creating route relations for the trails that where then not on the map. A fruitful communication ensued and in January I was sent a shapefile (under CC-BY-SA) containing each trail of the network.

Thus, during January and February 2010 I performed a raw import of the trails including setting up suitable relations. Since the shapefile did not contain much in the way of usable meta data it is still necessary to manually survey the trails to map shelters, way types, and such.

See WikiProject_Sweden/Hiking_trails/Skåneleden for in-depth information of the mapping of this trail network. Note, this page is in Swedish.

About Me

I live in Lund, Sweden and primarily map this town and its surroundings. I also spend a fair amount of time in Bulgaria. I enjoy mapping various hiking routes and whatever else I might come across in my travels.

The technology I use is primarily a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx but occasionally I use my Locosys GT-31 or Android phone. My preferred choice of software is JOSM.

My OSM username is rycee.