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  1. audience of OSM wiki is big and there many target groups
  2. there too many key topics in OSM to cover them at Main Page
  3. ideally each target group should reach in-depth article within several clicks (remember that visiting Main Page is also click)

Tools to solve problem

Bigger problem

  1. it is near impossible to tell whatever JA:地物 with correct cats or not based only at text label. (answer: JA:地物 is about Features)
  2. how could we tell if Vi:Main Page is sufficient to readers? If it is different from Main Page what should we do? Nothing?

Partial solution

Is in using Template:Languages but there no guarantee than template parameters are correct or up-to-date.

Keep previous page title in languages template

Keep old name of English page in {{languages|old title}} before moving page.

Target groups

Key pages at wiki


Key cats at wiki

Navigation patterns


Individual pages

Main Page

side panel

  • missing link to Glossary - useful not only for beginners consistent translation/text understanding in other languages.

Tool support

De-facto many wikis hard to navigate due to outdated translations and not updated cats:

We need to write simple QA tool for our wiki and check how consistent our translations and how relevant categories. At very primitive level it should update only categories.

External references