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Osmarender - Neat Stuff!

Osmarender is definitely Neat Stuff. I think it's great that your renderings look good enough to decorate Wikipedia articles. That kind of thing will surely attract more energy and enthusiasm from Wikipedia contributors to the OpenStreetMap project. From a quick read of your description it looks like an elegant way to implement this kind of thing as well. I shall have take that XSLT for a spin myself some time. -- Harry Wood 23:46, 22 Mar 2006 (UTC)

Harry, I'm glad you like it :) XSL is powerful stuff but can be tricky to get to grips with. The latest version of Osmarender is driven by a simple rules file so you don't have to know any XSL at all to use it. 80n 23:49, 22 Mar 2006 (UTC)

Streetmap for mobile phones

I've written a small Java-program for mobile phones and it is available on the MMVLWiki now. The software doesn't store meta-information, but it allows you to set a target marker, so that one knows the direction, even if the target location is not visible on the screen. It would be desirable of course, if the map would also show the street names. -- Wedesoft 16:57 BST 02.04.2006.

Jan, this looks really cool. If I can figure out how to do java on my phone, I'll download it and try it out. Street names will come, right now not many roads have been named... 80n 16:24, 2 Apr 2006 (UTC)
I've released a new J2ME Weybridge streetmap using the new multiresolution data and the street names. It only goes up to zoom-level 15 (otherwise the package would be around 10 MBytes). Let me know if someone wants a larger map. -- Wedesoft Sat Mar 24 22:34:55 GMT 2007

Wiki namespace

What's the plan with occupying wiki page names such as Press and Media and Accommodation just for that weekend event in Rutland, England? You can easily keep those items within the single page. And if they really need pages of their own, make them subpages or give them unique names pertaining to this event or place. --LA2 00:48, 25 Aug 2006 (BST)

Someone created links to some non-existent pages, I just followed the links and added some detail without any thought or planning. I agree that this is not well organised and I'll see about changing it. 80n 08:28, 25 Aug 2006 (BST)
Perhaps not ideal but then I didnt see any harm in having pages with these headings as they can be used for more than one event and have content deleted once done. A lot easier than trying to jam it all onto one page. I'm easy though. If someone has a better layout approach go for it :-) Blackadder 08:45, 25 Aug 2006 (BST).
I have renamed them as sub-pages beneath the project. This makes me think that we need to start thinking about the difference between a project page and a "production" page. Compare: WikiProject Rutland England with Isle of Wight and Walton on Thames. I think the Isle of Wight page should be the finished product whereas WikiProject Isle of Wight should be the planning and progress tracking page (and Isle of Wight workshop 2006 should probably be a sub-page or merged into the WikiProject page). But then, should there be a production page for everywhere that gets mapped? I suppose they would be showcases or galleries of different renderings of places of interest. At the moment, the main map server is so slow that this is the only reasonable way that members of the public can see anything presentable or useful. 80n 11:58, 25 Aug 2006 (BST)

NaviGPS bicycle mount

Hi. Could you please let me know how you broke the bicycle mount for your NaviGPS, and jus how flimsy it is? I'm thinking of getting one for geotagging photos and am wondering whether to bother with the bike mount. Also I take it from the review that your experience of the NaviGPS been good overall? Abarnes 22:57, 4 September 2006 (BST)

My experience overall has been excellent. It broke because first I did a lot of cycling over very rough terran and the screws that attach the bracket to the GPS worked loose. I tried to overtighten the screws to fix this, resulting in me cracking the bracket around the screw hole. A dollop of glue has fixed the problem and its been fine ever since. 80n 09:26, 5 September 2006 (BST)

Tehran map

Nice work on Image:Tehran-university-persian.png. It seems that there a few rendering problems of the labels, possibly related to inkscape. I will look into it. BTW, it seems that while osmarender4 renders universities just fine, tiles@Home doesn't. Roozbeh 12:27, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

Getting Text Right

Hi. I'm interested in the Getting Text Right project from Things_To_Do. How is the current status of this project? I believe that the text should not only be abbreviated, but also moved to fit. Do you have any ideas of "where" this should be done? I'm not sure if postprocessing the SVG file is the best place to do it, but I can't think of another place where it could be done. You can email me in the same user login at 17:32, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

UTF-8 Support broken

UTF-8 support is broken in osmxapi. See:

Is this opensource? Maybe I can fix it.

Where is the osmosis error description? Half of the world has encoding problems. Only ascii and iso-8859-1 works. 99% of the characters are not supported at the moment. People start to name chinese cities with latin chars - that looks realy strange for asian people.

I like the osmxapi and hope it comes back soon. Great work!

Turning circle in Osmarender

I've started using T@H, and thus Osmarender for rendering. So far everything's good, but there's one thing that would be a nice rendered feature. I've been tagging plenty of nodes with [[turning_circle]], but Osmarender doesn't recognize it yet. I tried editing osm-map-features-z17 myself with the following rule (it was exactly the same as h-u-o, except that I doubled the line stroke size)

<rule e="way" k="highway" v="unclassified|residential|minor"> //existing rule

++<rule e="node" k="highway" v="turning_circle">

++ <line class='highway-core highway-unclassified-core-turning-circle' />


This didn't work as intended; instead it made the whole road (not just node) larger and gray (#777777). Can you help me with the proper syntax / rule? Thanks. Alexrudd 02:59, 21 February 2008 (UTC)

  • Take a look at how mini-roundabouts are done. Turning circles should be very similar. 80n 10:55, 22 February 2008 (UTC)

Abstention on Wreck Proposal

I have an interesting situation with the wreck proposal. It has 8 votes approving and 1 abstention (from you). To be approved, it requires 15 votes total with a majority or 6 unanimous approving votes. Arguably, your abstention will keep the voting open until I get more votes because it is not unanimous.

If you do not have any concerns with the proposal, could you move your abstention to being a comment? That would save me time. Otherwise I will carry on collecting votes.

Regards --TimSC 09:21, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

Woking Mapping Party invite

Hi Etienne, Big thanks for the invite! I'd love to be there, unfortunately I'm leaving that weekend for a three month cycle tour of Norway with the intention of mapping the scenic bits above the Arctic Circle for OSM. Appreciate you are really busy but if you know anyone from the project who's been working on Norway or Sweden I'd be very grateful for an introduction via email to them. No worries if you can't. I'm kicking myself for booking this trip on a weekend when you are less that five miles away from here :-( JerryW 03:20, 17 May 2008 (BST)

I can probably help with Osmarender text labels

I read on Things_To_Do#Task:_Getting_Text_Right That there's a need to know how big rendered text will be. I could write a script that would generate statistics on the sizes of characters and strings is various fonts, and then work out an algorithm that could accurately guess the size of strings once rendered in inkscape.

I'd probably happily go that far, but I'm not interested at this point in working directly with the Osmarender source at this time.

Is this immediately useful to you?

If so I have a few questions:

1) what fonts are used? (Probably best if at some point I have the actual SVG/CSS code that Osmarender sends to inkscape.)

2) What character set should I use? This could come later I suppose, I'll probably use a subset of ascii for testing more quickly anyway.

3) I'm hoping that the final output of my scripts will be a file containing a function like get_rendered_size(text, font) which you can include and call from Osmarender. What language should it be in?

Hope to hear from you soon, JasonWoof 14:54, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Connecting Wikipedia and OSM via OSMXAPI

Hello, I sent you an email but perhaps the mail was blocking by spam-filter or so. At german Wikipedia I'm working on projects like Wikipedia-World: So the geocoding of point objects is really successfully at Wikipedia. But we have a problem with longer objects like streets, rivers, railway and so on. Thats the point where we want to link to single OSM objects. I think both projects can pofit from this plan and it's better than to collecting the same datas in wikipedia again.

User:Dschwen and I created the: which creates a query to OSMXAPI, put the answer into an OSM-to-KML XSLT-processor, zip it to KMZ, cache it, and put it into GoogleMaps or Google Earth. The script is not in a final version, but it's running for paths. As result we can see an object like river Havel clearly in the Browser: So it could be a good completion to: But it can be also goog to find gaps in the osm-datas.

So now my question: It seems that we have a problem with the connection limitation per user of the OSMXAPI. We want to make many but relative small queries. So could you raise the limit for Toolserver of the wikimedia were we work: I believe the IP is for our server Hemlock.

The next big problem is that it seems that we we can't query objects with a whitespace in there name. So I try to get "Prager Straße" in Dresden but don't get it. An important point for wikipedia is that we should try to get a long-time support for the parameters we would write in many articles. This shouldn't change too often.

A other way which could also reduce the traffic volume by factor 10 would be to move our scripts to our server on . But then we would like to get an account to caring this scripts in future.

The source code you can find here:

I hope you can help us. --Kolossos 07:17, 29 May 2008 (UTC)


Hello, I want to go online with my script. Therefore I write a little bit documentation: Query-to-map

There, I also describe the additional OSMhack script which I want to integrate in Template:Place I hope your API/your server is ready for this load. Is it?

To avoid this load-peak I wouldn't write to mailing list or so. In the moment the performance seems really good.

At the toolserver we get the last days new hardware so the load there seems to be no problem in the moment. --Kolossos 07:09, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

I'm online. --Kolossos 12:08, 30 June 2008 (UTC)

XAPI: gz-compressed output

Hey George. Can you tell me, whether gz-compression for the XAPI service is supposed to work? I have got a ruby script called OSM-Wolf (available via Bitbucke/Mercurial) running here, which fetches data from the XAPI service for analyzing. Although the author plausibly assured me the script would support gz-compressed XAPI data, the XAPI server (hypercube) seems to send uncompressed data, even if gz-compression is explicitly requested. Best Regards, --Claas A. 20:07, 2 August 2009 (UTC)


Hello George, I found out that you are the "Maintainer of XAPI" :-)

The only thing about the OSM XAPI Server I found out, is "Currently serving data as at 0.5 cut-off. 0.6 service will start shortly." In the "platform status". Do you know, when this service will be available again? seems the last server and today I don't get a connetion. Thx Softeis 14:18, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

XAPI - bounding box with relations does not work correctly

With the following request I get data from the hole world.

please try:[bbox=9.5,52,9.6,52.1][type=restriction] --Langläufer 22:51, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

Now it is compleetly wrong. I mostly get none of the requested objects. ( In the sample I request the [bbox=9.5,52,9.6,52.1]. The result is much smaller than before (75KB instead of 2.8MB), but mostly the longitudes are far from being between 9.5 and 9.6 and restrictions are not so large. e.g. lat='51.4277078' lon='-0.0115522' lat='56.2396279' lon='42.0909317' lat='52.0284373' lon='11.2171290'

--Langläufer 11:38, 13 December 2009 (UTC)

The algorithm I was using was a bit crude. Draw a box that encloses the relation and then see if it overlaps with the requested bbox. It works fine for short ways, but doesn't work so well for relations which tend to span large areas. I've now implemented a better algorithm which looks at each node to see if any are in the bbox. This should work better for you. Let me know. 80n 19:18, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

I tryed something new at Here I also want to draw relations and ways with the piste:type=nordic tag. The result of the request:


did not contain all refered ways of the relations. Maybe the same error? Now I use two request, one for ways, and one for relations - it works fine - but with only one request I could save transfer volume. --Langläufer 10:07, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

XAPI bugs

Sorry that I misused the Platform status for my bug report. I hope here I'm right. I used this command: or Both give me a file with only nodes which are used in different admin_level relations. After ca. 150 MB the download interrupts with the error message "<error>Query limit of 1000000 elements reached</error>". I expect to get a file with only relations (admin_level=2) and their members. I hope it is possible to fix this behaviour and if you need more information you can write me an email over my OSM accout, too. Thanks, Daswaldhorn 11:30, 5 December 2009 (UTC)

XAPI Server


As the Xapi Server's are not that realiable, I would like to setup an instence myself. Unfortunately, the source code isn not available anymore under the given links. Is there any chance to make them public again? Is there a howto: on setting up an XAPI server instance?


They should be much more reliable now. Let me know if you have problems. 80n 07:25, 27 December 2009 (UTC)
Hi, thanks a lot. It would be great if you can provide me with the source code and a short description of how to get it run. best
How can I contact you?

Where can I get XAPI sources? link on appears to be broken. thanks in advance. --Komяpa 18:45, 6 April 2010 (UTC)

See platform status --Lulu-Ann 21:07, 6 April 2010 (UTC)

XAPI status ?

I noticed that isn't responding since ~2 days and I have the "impression" (sorry, can't be more specific) that more and more lags behind the OSM database. Is this just a subjective impression or could there be something wrong with the data replication from the OSM database? --Gubaer 22:32, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Hypercube is down due to someone deleting the database. It'll be back in a few hours. Generally XAPI is up-to-date within 2 minutes of the main database. You can check the age of the data by looking at the xapi:planetDate attribute in the first line of the response. But I've just noticed that this only shows the date, it ought to show the time as well. 80n 13:50, 6 February 2010 (UTC)
In the past the time was there written, my last complete date was "xapi:planetDate='200911201903'". So I have a little hope, that this could be fixed in the future again. Who can I ask for this issue? Daswaldhorn 16:32, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

Xapi output precision

Hi, dunno if you monitor the Xapi:Talk page, if not fyi:

--cheers, Hamish 02:58, 16 May 2010 (UTC)

XAPI setup Howto

Hi, I'd like to setup a mirror for the XAPI. Is there a detailed howto for this ? If not, I'd be willing to write one. Thanks Vdb 08:57, 7 September 2010 (BST)