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tag type description
highway=motorway Motorway


  • multi-lane dual carriageways with grade separated junctions
  • they usually allow speeds up to 120km/h
highway=trunk Expressway

(Експресен пат)

  • sections of A1-A4 that are not motorways
  • 2-lane roads with motorway restrictions and grade-separated junctions
  • they usually allow speeds up to 110km/h
  • major multi-lane urban avenues
highway=primary National Highway

(Магистрален пат)

  • highways connecting cities (population over 10000), former prefecture capitals and major points of interest (national airports, archeological sites, seaports, border crossings)
  • primary urban roads
highway=secondary Regional Road

(Регионален пат)

  • roads connecting towns (population over 2000), municipality seats and minor points of interest
  • secondary urban roads
highway=tertiary Regional Road

(Регионален пат)

  • roads connecting villages
  • tertiary urban roads with priority
  • streets only serving local residents
  • paved/unpaved rural streets serving factories, farms etc


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E-road network in Macedonia

relation 2333624 E65 Blace (border with Kosovo) - Skopje - Tetovo - Gostivar - Kicevo - Ohrid - Bitola - Medzhitlija (border with Greece)
relation 2401887 E75 Tabanovci (border with Serbia) - Kumonovo - Skopje - Veles - Demir Kapija - Gevgelija - Bogorodica (border with Greece)
relation 102595 E852 Ohrid - Struga - Kafasan (border with Albania)
relation 61313 E871 Kumanovo - Kriva Palanka - Deve Bair (border with Bulgaria)