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This page describes tagging of cycle routes in Slovakia.

Cycle route marking system in Slovakia

Cycle routes marking in Slovakia is standardized by the technical norm STN 01 8028 Cykloturistické značenie. Marking is realized by Slovak Cycle Club (Slovenský cykloklub - SCK).

Majority of Slovak cycle routes are marked by this unified system. A basic marker is a white square sign with red, blue, green or yellow letter "C". Red color is used for long distance routes, blue, green and yellow other routes.

Some routes are marked according to system of Slovak Tourist Club (Klub slovenských turistov - KST). A basic marker is a square sign consisting of three horizontal stripes. The upper and the lower stripes are white. The central one is red, blue, green or yellow.



Creating a relation for every cycle route is recommended instead of tagging each element. Be sure that the relation does not exists before creating new! You can check it on the Slovak Cycle Routes List. Unsure about relations? Read more.

Tag Description
colour=red/blue/green/yellow/white Marking colour.
network=icn/ncn/rcn/lcn Defines route as a part of an international (icn), national (ncn), regional (rcn) or local (lcn) network. More about cycle routes networks in Slovakia.
ref=number (optional) Route number. More about numbering of cycle routes in Slovakia.
name=* (optional) Route name, e.g. Medzinárodná dunajská cyklistická cesta.
operator=* (optional) Route operator, e.g. AŠK Inter Bratislava.
complete=yes/no (optional) Use yes, if the route is completely mapped, otherwise use no.
description=* (optional) If the route does not have a name, this can be useful to identify it. Example: Lamač - Druhý kameňolom.
state=proposed (optional) Routes are sometimes not official routes pending some negotiation or development.


Tag Description
bicycle=yes Guidepost is part of the bicycle route (there are also guideposts on hiking/education trails in Slovakia).
name=* (optional) Name of the guidepost, if available.
operator=* (optional) Most guidepost are operated by SCK (Slovak Cycle Club)
ele=number (optional) Elevation above sea-level (in metres).

Guideposts examples

click to see the position click to see the position click to see the position click to see the position click to see the position
Tags Tags Tags Tags Tags
tourism=information tourism=information tourism=information tourism=information tourism=information
information=guidepost information=guidepost information=guidepost information=guidepost information=guidepost
name=Hrádok noname=yes name=Hnilčík - Cechy name=Sedlo Filipka name=Krížne cesty, Spariny
operator=OOCR - Gemer operator=SCK operator=KST; Rozvoj Spiš & OOCR Spiš operator=KST;SCK operator=OOCR - Gemer
ele=665 ele=800 ele=540 ele=465
bicycle=yes bicycle=yes bicycle=yes bicycle=yes bicycle=yes
hiking=yes hiking=yes
Relations Relations Relations Relations Relations
5607 [cycling] 2702 [cycling] 2828 [hiking] 5721 [hiking] 5607 [cycling]
8706 [cycling] 5855 [cycling] 029 [cycling]
Cyklorázcestník s názvom miesta
Cyklorázcestník bez názvu miesta
Turistický a cyklorázcestník s názvom miesta
Turistický rázcestník s cyklošípkami
Cyklošípky s názvom miesta

Route markers examples

click to see the position click to see the position
Tags Tags
tourism=information tourism=information
information=route_marker information=route_marker
operator=SCK operator=KST;SCK
bicycle=yes bicycle=yes
Relations Relations
5703 [cycling] 0909 [hiking]
029 [cycling]
Cyklo a turistické šípky

Cycle Routes Networks and Numbering

Tag Description Example
network=icn International cycle routes. In case of Slovakia it is EuroVelo 6.
network=ncn Long distance cycle routes. They are marked by red color (with few exceptions) and numbered by three digit numbers starting with 0. Examples: 001, 024. About 30 long distance cycle routes are planned. Cycle routes of KST are numbered Cxxxx.
network=rcn Regional cycle routes. They are marked (mostly) by blue , green and yellow color. All routes are numbered by four digit numbers. Blue routes start with 2, green with 5 and yellow with 8. Cycle routes of KST are numbered Cxxxx.
network=lcn Use for local cycle routes marked by other systems, mostly for cycle routes marked in cities which have transport function. Example: Cycle route Petržalské korzo in Bratislava.

Note: In fact, national and regional networks as defined above are part of only one network. However, red colour is used for long distance routes.