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map from USGS of epicentre and aftershock locations

【谢谢你的访问!这个网页正在翻译中。如果你要知道最新信息的话请看英语版 [1]

2015尼泊儿地震(The 2015 Nepal earthquake) (Wikipedia) 是二零一五年四月二十五日(星期六)十一点五十六分(当地时间)发生的地震灾害。震央地的范围是从拉姆琼县(Lamjung)向东南东29公里(18英里),向北西81公里(50英里)。地震震级是7.8。 正确地点为 28.165N, 84.725E 。



map from USGS 震央和余震位置

任何人都可以免费咨询在线OpenStreetMap地图,交通指南也可以您的智能手机上使用。对于尼泊尔大地震这样一个灾难,来自世界各地的志愿者贡献尽心把从卫星拿的资料迅速数据化, 帮助被派到当地救灾的人道组织。



Pierre Béland from abroad (GMT-4)
Nama Raj Budhathoki and Kathmandu Living lab colleagues (GMT+5:45)
email contact: activation@hotosm.org

The OSM servers, editors and geo-data tools let us offer a variety of free map and export services to the humanitarian community. The OSM community support to these Activations is also impressive. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team creates a bridge between the OSM community and the humanitarians. We partner with various international organizations and take responsibility for tagetted map improvements while the international organizations deploy in the field to respond to disasters and support the local communities.

OSM Contributors at Kathmandu Living Labs operational one day after the earthquake, Namaste

Map and Data Services

About OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap offers an online map and spatial database that is updated by the minute. Various online maps are based on OpenStreetMap, including Navigation tools such as OSRM. Tools and services allow data extracts for GIS specialists, routable data for Garmin GPS, GPS navigation with smartphones and other device-compatible downloads. With an Internet connection, regular syncing is possible, because there is open access to the community-contributed data as it comes in. Also bulk with downloads of OpenStreetMap data are ideal for use offline. In addition, maps can be printed to paper, if needed.

Browse the Activation Area to get a feel for the data that is currently available. Different map styles, including a special Humanitarian style, can be selected on the right side of the screen. Though some data may not render (appear) on the online map, it can be exported from the underlying database for other uses requiring more detail(See export section below).

Paper Maps

Large poster-size maps and letter-size paper atlases of custom areas can be printed:

Exporting OpenStreetMap data

Frequent updates

OSM Format ShapeFiles for GIS softwares Offline Navigation on Small Devices
Daily updates (osm contributor) .pbf Shapefile(Esri)
13 Thematic Layers
.obf OSMAnd
GPS Garmin IMG
30 minutes updates by geofabrik
see download directory
.pbf Shapefile(Esri)
30 minutes update
Thematic layers (roads, IDP camps, land use, amenities, place names)
GFDRR Innovation Lab from geofabrik
.pbf Shapefile(Esri)
Updated every few days by kleineisel.de
routable, contains height contour lines (from SRTM data), the map design is similar to topo maps.
GPS Garmin IMG
Hourly updates (osm contributor) OSMand obf
Updated every two hours Mail Garmin, Android, Garmin-Basecamp, QLandkarte

Temporary Taginfo instance Taginfo nepal logo.png showing tagging statistics only for Nepal. Updated every 30min from Geofabrik extract. (if the dns server - http://nepal-taginfo.openstreetmap.hu/ - is not refreshed try )

Information about the various OSM export formats

OpenStreetMap Response

Hot logo with text.svg

Ongoing updates about this activation are posted on the HOT mailing list

Coordination and discussion may also happen on HOT's IRC Channel (direct link) or Mumble Server

The general Nepal remote mapping guide may be useful for help with identifying Nepalese features

Task Manager projects

The following projects have been set-up on the OSM Tasking Manager :

  Job No.      Location What to map Imagery expiration Task Mapping Status Task Validation Status
Job 1018 (priority) Surrounding the greater areas outside Kathmandu 2nd pass for detailed mapping N/A In Progress In Progress
Job 190 (priority) Kathmandu Valley, includes more imagery buildings only N/A In Progress In Progress
Job 1006 North of Narayangadh and east of Pokhara Residential areas and buildings N/A In Progress In Progress
Job 1009 Gorkha Residential areas and buildings N/A Completed In Progress
Job 1008 Kathmandu IDP Camps N/A Completed In Progress
Job 1010 Banepa IDP Camps N/A Completed In Progress
Job 1014 Sindhupalchowk heavily affected area, detailed mapping needed N/A In Progress In Progress
Job 1015 Dhunche Rasuwa heavily affected area, detailed mapping needed N/A Completed Completed
Job 1016 Langtang Rasuwa heavily affected area, detailed mapping needed N/A Completed Completed
Job 994 North of Kathmandu and remote mountain areas roads only N/A In Progress Archived
Job 995 East of Kathmandu and remote mountain areas roads only N/A In Progress Archived
Job 1001 West of Kathmandu and remote mountain areas roads only N/A Completed Archived
Job 1002 North West of Kathmandu - Manaslu Conservation Area roads, villages, buildings N/A Completed Archived
Job 1004 South West of Kathmandu roads N/A In Progress Archived
Job 1003 North of Dunche, includes more imagery detailed map N/A Completed Completed

The projects are all listed alongside others on http://tasks.hotosm.org/

Overview of tasks and imagery coverage on uMap

Summary statistics of all tasks can be found on the Nepal Mapping Progress Dashboard

General map improvements

As well as small square shaped contributions, we can look to make more wide ranging improvements. Reviewing/improving the overall map data consistency is very useful, but that is also most prone to edit conflicts so please save often and understand in the busy time like this you might encounter edit conflicts.

Any local knowledge like infrastructure, buildings or road names that you know and can positively identify, are extremely helpful to responding organizations.

Mapping roads is a high priority, the Nepal roads page for proposed road conventions or guidelines for road categorization is a good reference.

OpenStreetMap is a editable map, so we can improve it if there's anything missing/wrong (Beginners' guide). This is particularly useful if you have any local knowledge or you can survey things on-the-ground (names of streets etc)

People who have local knowledge but do not know how to edit OpenStreetMap are still vital to our aid efforts. You can share your local knowledge with the OpenStreetMap "Notes" feature. This lets you drop a marker and attach a note with information about the location/building/road that an experienced OSM mapper will then put in the OSM database. For simple instructions on how to share your knowledge with our mappers please see this quick guide to using notes:

How to easily share local knowledge with OSM Notes

Imagery and Reference Maps

Pleiades, Airbus Space & Defense

2014-04-27 Pleiades 2014-11-29 and 2015-04-27 have been used for post-disster IDP camps identification in Kathmandu.

Imagery Requests

Fresh and archive satellite imagery is being requested through international activations charter and imagery providers. HOT has identified areas that need high resolution imagery for both base mapping and damage assessment. Areas requested are highlighted in bright blue on this map:



Bing imagery coverage as of 2015-04-25 with TM #994 and #995 overlay. (coverage source TMS: http://ant.dev.openstreetmap.org/bingimageanalyzer/tile.php/{z}/{x}/{y}.png)


"DigitalGlobe opens access to #Nepal satellite data. http://services.digitalglobe.com UN: nepal PW: forcrisis​"

Indian Space Research Organization

Cartosat-2 post-earthquake for Kathmandu imagery as of 2015-04-27.


For some of TM #1001 the Bing imagery may be cloudy or unavailable, MapBox has coverage, but not at all zoom levels.

Public domain topo maps

There are two sets of public domain topographic maps available which cover large portions of Nepal. Both sets are 1:250,000 scale, which means they are only really useful for adding place names, of which the maps list thousands. Before we manually copy in place names from these maps we will manually merge in the GNS place names for the area, which will cut down on some of the work. After that is done, we will create task manager jobs to go through and systematically enter all of the place names on these topographic maps.

Layer JOSM TMS Url View
US Army Map Service (AMS) tms[15]:http://mapwarper.net/layers/tile/345/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png View online

Other Data

Other Resources

Nepal Earthquakes Reporting Site (Kanthmandu Living Labs Ushahidi)

Disaster OpenRouteService for Nepal including POI, damaged buildings etc. (GIScience HD)

Write-ups and in the News

Documented Usage

Map Visualizations

  • Reach Initiative Kathmandu Reference Maps: [3]
  • American Red Cross Map Library: [4]

Online Maps

Routing tools

Disaster OpenRouteService for Nepal including POI, damaged buildings etc. (GIScience HD) http://www.openrouteservice.org/disaster-nepal (more info: http://giscienceblog.uni-hd.de/2015/04/28/disaster-openrouteservice-for-nepal/ )