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There's plenty of mapping to be done!

Mapping makes up the bulk of the workload of OpenStreetMap, and falls into two stages. First, and most fun, is getting out and about collecting geographic data. There are many ways to do so, for walkers, cyclists and drivers. When you've got some results, you need to add your results to the central OSM database using one of the editors. This is when you get to add paths, roadnames, postboxes - and pretty much anything else you like!

When that's done, you can sit back, relax, and view the results of your work. Or else head back outside, and go map some more!


  • Upload - Uploading your GPS tracklogs to the server.

Getting Together to Map


  • Change monitoring - Stay informed what other mappers do in your area of interest.
  • Found a bug on some software tool? Add a ticket to the TRAC so developers get the word.

Uploading data from other sources

If you have public domain data from other sources (not a GPS device), you can use API v0.6 to upload data directly. Using curl to upload data (outdated) provides one such example.

Fun Stuff