Bowling Green, Ohio

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Bowling Green, Ohio, United States
latitude: 41.37, longitude: -83.65
Browse map of Bowling Green 41°22′12.00″ N, 83°39′00.00″ W
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Bowling Green is a city in Ohio, United States at latitude 41°22′12.00″ North, longitude 83°39′00.00″ West.

Getting Started

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If you have any questions about tagging specific to Bowling Green, please ask Johnny Mapperseed.


Notable Contributors

The Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Bureau is an Openstreetmap Contributor!

A technician at the Ohio EPA often contributes around here.

!i! helped map many features in Bowling Green, especially houses

Student Contributors

List of students and their mapping accomplishments will be credited here.



BGSU Wikipedia Articles

Key:wikipedia has been applied to all relevant features on the BGSU Main Campus.

BGSU at Levis Commons

BGSU at Levis Commons has been adequately mapped. There is still room for improvement, but all major features have been added.

Mostly Done

BGSU is nearly complete!

Some features are still missing, so if you notice something missing, please add it!

Downtown is mostly done, but a lot is still missing.

BGSU Firelands

BGSU Firelands on OSM

Although not physically in Bowling Green, It is the universities only regional campus and is very much tied to the campus in Bowling Green

Mostly Unfinished

Residential Areas

Apartments and houses are mostly just outlines, a lot of mapping is needed here! Even just naming major apartment complexes would help a lot.

In particular in many apartment complexes, there is a laundromat, but it is often not mapped. See Tag:shop=laundry

Most residential areas have houses outlined, but most lack an Address. See Addresses for more details.

North Main

Businesses are mapped, but important details are often missing. Please add missing data as you are able.

South Main

Businesses are mapped, but important details are often missing. Please add missing data as you are able.

International Translations

Bowling Green hosts students from all over the world. Please add translations to important features if you are able to translate.

Example: If you were to translate "The French House" to French "La Maison Française" you would add a tag "name:fr=La Maison Française"

Wood Bridge Business Park

Outlines of the buildings are done, however most buildings are unnamed.

OpenStreetView and Mapillary Imagery

Some exists, but more would be better!