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A listing of common in Canada and their tagging

In some cases a store may have a specific name.

Brand should be used for franchised stores

This is essentially a draft that I had intended to have the mailing list look at, but still may be useful to some people Pnorman 20:57, 18 February 2011 (UTC)


Name Tagging Comment
Dairy Queen DQ's menu includes burgers, but it focuses on their frozen selections. Many DQs have names other than Dairy Queen
Subway Subways are typically franchises.
Quiznos Quiznos are much like subway, although tend to focus more on hot subs.


Name Tagging Comment
London Drugs
London Drugs As per
London Drugs Pharmacy For the pharmacy in the store if the location is known. Typically back-right in Vancouver.


Name Tagging Comment


Name Tagging Comment
Canadian Tire shop=doityourself appears to be the most popular
Rona shop=doityourself outweighs shop=hardware 20-3


Name Tagging Comment
UPS Store The full service locations with photocopiers, etc.
UPS Customer Centre Shipping only. Often attached to a depot in an industrial area. Less common.
Purolator Shipping Centre