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The mapping of the elements of public transportation systems in Colombia must follow the mapping guidelines of the public transportation section.

The different cities of Colombia have a set of similar transport systems, among which the following stand out:

  • Urban, traditional (not integrated, routes operated by private companies).
  • Integrated, as in Bogotá, the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP - Sistema Integrado de Transporte Público).
  •  BRT - Rapid bus transit, such as the Transmilenio, or the Transcaribe, where the buses have dedicated lanes and platforms.
  • Metro, in the case of Medellín.
  • Tram, in the case of Medellín.
  • Cable cars, like Bogotá, the TransMiCable.

Tradicional urban

It has the following characteristics:



In the case of Bogotá, there is the  SITP - Sistema Integrado de Transporte Público, which mainly contains:

  • Bus stops.
  • Routes.
  • Terminals (ToDo).

More details in: ES:Colombia:DC:Bogotá/Public transport.


Medellín has the existe el  SIT (es).


The bus way should be mapped with the highway=busway tag.

Colombia has several BRT systems:


Currently, only Medellin has  metro.

In Bogota, it is currently under construction:  Metro of Bogota.

For Medellin, you can see ES:Colombia:Antioquia:Medellín/Transporte público.


Currently, onmy Medellin has  tramway.

For Medellin, you can seer ES:Colombia:Antioquia:Medellín/Transporte público.

Gondola lift (Teleférico)

These are the gondola lift of Colombia: