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Community Update from 21 February 2011 to 27 February 2011 (week 2011-08)

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Image Of the Week 2011-08

Gosmore in berlin with winCE on transonic 6000.jpg

Gosmore showing route in a 3D map of Freizeitpark Marienfelde, Berlin

Project Of The Week : Bridges and Tunnels

Bridges and tunnels assist travel. They span barriers that otherwise impede travel such as mountains and ravines. They also reduce the interaction between travelers in cases such as grade-separated railway crossings, and motorway interchanges.

The Project of the Month is to add local bridges and tunnels to the map.


News Of The Week

  • German Bureau of Protection and Disaster-Management presents OSM and HOT in a article at a geo-related special edition magazine [1]
  • Developers, don't forget about Google_Summer_of_Code/2011 and it's deadline at 11. March!
  • Some ideas on how to map 'risky' areas [2]
  • The 100.000.000th way was added
  • An update of the error stats in Europe [3]
  • Australian Government wants to import statistical data to OSM [4]
  • An article about creating new jobs thanks to Open Data [5]
  • A top list of cities in Spain that need more "OSM love" [6]
  • In Germany the government of Bavaria release all their aerial imagery under a open data license, after the 3 month evaluation last year [7]
  • Walking Papers needs testers for a new feature. Please help [8]
  • A ongoing import of addresses Import Adres ČR in Czech Republic

Software Updates


Voting on Tree Rows

This new proposed feature is about tagging tree rows as a way in our editors without tagging every individual tree.

For this it is proposed to add a tag natural=tree_row to your way.

Please vote on the page


Christchurch HOT Mapping

After the earthquake, a call for assistance has been made.

Join the effort on the page 2011 Christchurch earthquake


Libya HOT Mapping

With events in Libya, people are talking of a HOT action. We have a confirmation from major NGOs that OSM is an option that can be used for deployment in Libya. The need is principally around borders (both sides).

Join the effort on the page WikiProject_Libya.


Imports need more rules?

Inspired by the debate about banning imports, some users thoughts on tools for a better tomorrow:

  • Better collaboration
  • An "Import" Layer
  • Better import testing
  • Better comparison tools

Check for More


Big thanks to !i!, Kreon, PheasantCoucal, Mario Vesper