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A place producing or processing customized goods Edit or translate this description.
Group: Crafts
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The key craft=* is used for a place producing or processing customized goods.

To differentiate between trade, service and craft, shop=* is generally used for retail trade (focused on selling pre-produced goods), while craft=* is used for small production of goods on demand and by order. Unlike man_made=works the goods are often customized to the customers' needs and specially produced for them. If the place is a shop=* and craft=* at the same time with both being important both tags can be added. Places that are widely accepted as shops should not be tagged as crafts (for example shop=bakery or shop=butcher).

You are free to use values that match your needs as a mapper and your local or country environment, culture and language. If using the English language, please use the singular form, e.g. carpenter not carpenters or carpenter's. See JOSM preset for these keys and Proposed_features/Craft.



This is used as a place that produces or processes customised goods. See the page Crafts for more information on the usage of these tags.

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Common Tagging Mistakes

shop=craft - This unrelated tag is for stores that sell art supplies.