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Old electrical shop, Paris March 2015.jpg
Tienda que vende suplementos y dispositivos eléctricos. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Grupo: comercios
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Estado: en uso

Una tienda de electricidad, es un comercio enfocado en la comercialización de suplementos eléctricos (cables, enchufes, etc) y dispositivos eléctricos (medidores eléctricos, cajas de conexión, cajas de fusibles, etc). Para tiendas que comercializan electrodomésticos vea shop=electronics.

Cómo mapear

Como con otro tipo de tienda, coloca un nodo nodo con shop=electrical en el centro del edificio, o dibuja el área área de contorno y agrega shop=electrical.

Etiquetas similares / propuestas

  • shop=doityourself- A Do-it-Yourself-store (DIY for short) offers supplies for doing things yourself - household repairs and improvements, making things from wood and other materials. For example: paint, drilling machine, light-bulbs, screw-driver, bbq-stuff. TODO: Document how to distinguish (under discussion)
  • shop=trade - A place of business that sells to a particular trade or trades, but normally also retails to normal consumers. Examples include building supplies, timber yards, plumbing specialists and so on.
  • shop=locksmith - a shop where you can get keys cut. They are usually small highstreet shops. May also sell new locks, and offer other services for repair, assembly and design of locks.
  • shop=electronics - Shop selling consumer electronics (TV, radio, fridge) A shop just selling "power tools" would probably count as shop=hardware though
  • shop=variety_store - A retail store that sells inexpensive items, sometimes at fixed price point. Goods cut across several categories, but often include hardware, kitchenware, homeware items.
  • shop=lighting - A shop selling lighting fixtures.
  • craft=* - Relatively new tagging scheme. A whole key for shops where people *do* a trade such as carpenters.