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A slipway: a ramp for launching a boat into water Edit or translate this description.
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A slipway is a ramp into the water for launching a boat. Sometimes referred to as "boat ramps", "boat landings" or "boat launches".

They are typically simply a concrete ramp at the end of an access road or track into the water. The boat owner backs a vehicle with a boat trailer down the ramp until the trailer is in the water and floats the boat off.

Larger boat ramps may include winding gear and cranes for handling larger vessels that might be trucked in.

How to Map

A typical mapping might be to make a short highway=service way to the water's edge and make the final node a leisure=slipway. Maybe add vehicle=yes to the way if applicable.

If by crane see also man_made=crane and crane:type=*.

Mf node.png for crane


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800px-Swanage lifeboat on its slipway 1.JPG leisure=slipway

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See slipway in Ryde for a reference.

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