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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

 from October to December 2014  from July to September 2015 from January to March 2016  from October to December 2016 

Gallery of featured images, from October to December 2015

Details and captions

Week 40 (from Monday 28 September 2015 to Sunday 4 October 2015) [Edit]

SOTM Taiwan 2015.jpg

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Week 41 (from Monday 5 October 2015 to Sunday 11 October 2015) [Edit]

SOTM Catolonia 2015.jpg

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Week 42 (from Monday 12 October 2015 to Sunday 18 October 2015) [Edit]

SOTM Scotland 2015 photo montage.jpg

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Week 43 (from Monday 19 October 2015 to Sunday 25 October 2015) [Edit]

Gandaria, Dhaka, Bangladesh dense mapping.png
  • English : The Bangladesh OpenStreetMap community (facebook group) together with the Red Cross have been mapping the dense district of Gandaria in Dhaka

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Week 44 (from Monday 26 October 2015 to Sunday 1 November 2015) [Edit]

Inception maps.png
  • English : Taking a flat map at the top, and bending it to form a street level 3D map at the bottom of the view. This effect is similar to the disturbing warped cityscapes in the movie 'Inception'. Here are two implementations running in the browser using tiled OpenStreetMap vector data with Tangram and with OSMBuildings. Read more on the googlemapsmania blog.

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Week 45 (from Monday 2 November 2015 to Sunday 8 November 2015) [Edit]

Standard style change Oct 2015 before and after.png
  • English : The 'standard' OpenStreetMap style was recently changed to represent major roads types with a steady progression of hue and lightness, helping to make them visible over other land types colour. Read more on the blog

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Week 46 (from Monday 9 November 2015 to Sunday 15 November 2015) [Edit]

Sotm japan2015.jpg

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Week 47 (from Monday 16 November 2015 to Sunday 22 November 2015) [Edit]

Humanitarian mapping project editing activity timelines.png

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Week 48 (from Monday 23 November 2015 to Sunday 29 November 2015) [Edit]

RGM DIY mount mapillary.jpg

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Week 49 (from Monday 30 November 2015 to Sunday 6 December 2015) [Edit]

Italian prime minister official trips.png
  • English : The map on this Italian government website shows trips made by Prime Minister Renzi. A simple but stylish Leaflet web map with black & white styled OpenStreetMap basemap by wikimedia Foundation

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Week 50 (from Monday 7 December 2015 to Sunday 13 December 2015) [Edit]

Milan shop mapping animation.gif
  • English : The stylish shopping boutiques of Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, now mapped out in lots of detail thanks to user:Alecs01

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Week 51 (from Monday 14 December 2015 to Sunday 20 December 2015) [Edit]

Roads to Rome.jpg
  • English : All roads lead to Rome. So the saying goes, and so this image illustrates. See this and other great OSM routing powered images on roadstorome.moovellab.com

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Week 52 (from Monday 21 December 2015 to Sunday 27 December 2015) [Edit]

Temark node 1.jpg

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Week 53 (from Monday 28 December 2015 to Sunday 3 January 2016) [Edit]

Mexico City earthquake mapping event.jpg

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