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This page is for coordinating a local chapter for Australia in OpenStreetMap Foundation. At the moment this page is mostly just a brain dump and collection of the material we have available so far.

Why does Australia need a Local Entity or Local Chapter?

There is several good reasons why a local chapter, or more importantly a legal entity needs to be established in Australia:

  • It makes it easier to deal with large companies, other non-profits, NGOs and government agencies as it is no longer a few hobbyists doing maps but an organisation.
  • A legal entity is able to receive/own donated goods and services from companies, and companies are more likely to donate to a legal non-profit entity rather than hobbyists.
  • A legal entity might be able to get DGR (deductible gift recipient) status with the ATO, so all donations would be tax deductible for those giving.
  • To legally collect donations and other fund raising activities to be able to aquire sat imagery
    • being not for profit this may be elligible for any non-profit discounts from imagery companies.

While it may be possible to work under the OSM-F to achieve the same benefits, it's easier if there is a local entity and the board of OSM-F may not be willing or able to cope with Australian issues because they are based in the UK.

The next step

How can you participate?

  • Comment on the draft rules.
  • Add your name to the list at the bottom if you would be willing to be a financial member.
  • Tell us on the talk-au list you are interested in helping out more than this.
  • After incorporation we will need to open a bank account, preferably one that can me managed entirely on-line.
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Project ideas

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Cost to be a member

At this stage membership will most likely cost $20/yr, $10/yr if you can show a concession card/ID, or $10/$5 respectively if joining on or after Jan 1st.

This money will be used primarily to cover ongoing expenses such as filing fees with the government body responsible for associations in the state/territory the association will be incorporated under.

Depending on the funds available will also cover one or more domains the association approves.

People who would be willing to be financial members

While most states/territories only require 5 or more people with a common interest, OSM-F guidelines suggest that there should be at least 20 people willing to support such an organisation, please put your name below if you would be willing to do this.