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Google Summer of Code mentor applications closed before the published date -- so OpenStreetMap will not be able to participate directly

Google Summer of Code is a program that matches student developers with open source projects. Students get a decent stipend and good experience, the project gets significant code contributions and exposure, and Google foots the bill.

OpenStreetMap could get some great projects completed. Google's large presence in the mapping realm means (I reckon) that they have definite interest in the goals of OpenStreetMap.

We need to build a list of potential projects, get some volunteer mentors and administrator(s), and register interest with Google by May 1. The details are here.

Pool of Potential Projects

Have a summer sized OpenStreetMap project in mind?

  • GPX photo stamper - Web app to geotag photos (in EXIF, or flickr tripletags) by matching photo's timestamp with user's GPX tracks uploaded to OpenStreetMap. Allows interactive positioning as well.
  • OpenStreetMaps on GPS - Convert OpenStreetMaps into navigation layers for GPS units (Garmin or any other), or other mobile devices (phones, pdas).
  • Capture functionnality for OpenTom - Add a GPX capture utility to the OpenTom firmware for TomTom devices
  • Enhanced 'Wiki' Functions - Build an interface to browse revisions of a location, roll back changes, etc. Visualize spatial changes. Provide a means for editors to connect and organize work in an area.
  • GPX+Photo+Audio Mobile Capture App - For some sort of portable device (Series 60 mobile? Windows CE?). Would capture GPX traces from a bluetooth GPS, take photos on demand (+geotag them), record audio on demand (+add geopositioning to the stream/metadata stream) etc.
    • User:Nickb is interested in this project and would like to hear from anyone with any more ideas
  • WMS Server for Osmarender - Currently Osmarender takes as input a static .osm file (and a rules file) and generates a .svg file. A WMS server would get the osm data directly from the OSM database using the REST api, covert it to SVG using the xalan XSLT processor based on the rules file, then convert to a raster format (eg .png) and output it as the response to a WMS style request. Advanced challenges include positioning text seamlessly across tile boundaries, and cacheing of generated .png files.
  • Generalization algorithm, generation of varying amounts of detail at different zoom levels
  • Gazateer Integration - Improve the city lookup functionality. Enable utf-8. Utlize the web services (a related wiki based gazateer). Build AJAX disambuigation function. Allow for permalinks referencing a city name. Tighten integration of geonames with OpenStreetMap with a facility to edit the gazateer from OSM, and to display locations from geonames on OSM. Make improvements to the related MGeocoder Google Maps extension.

Are you a Student?

Welcome! If you are interested in any of the projects here or want to propose one of your own, you can add your name below, or get in touch on the talk or dev mailing list.

How Would Mentoring Work?

  • Each student would be assigned at least one full-time mentor. This full-time mentor will answer general questions, provide guidance and advice, ensure progress etc.
  • Each student would be (where possible) assigned at least one part-time mentor in the same/similar time zone. These mentors will provide answers and guidance on time-critical questions (eg "I can't write any more code today unless I can figure out...."), and will cover for the full-time mentor if they're unavailable

How will we know it's working?

Looking at the outcome of the 2005 SoC, the cases where both the student and the community got the most out of it were where there was good involvement and feedback. The cases where things tended to go wrong were where the student worked away on their own, without any real community involvement. To that end, students will:

  • Provide a weekly summary to the dev list of their progress
  • Discuss their work on the talk list, and solicit feedback and testers from there
  • Ask for coding help / advice on the dev list

Would You be a Mentor?

Add your name here if you would commit to mentoring a student developer.

Add your name here if you would commit to assisting the mentoring of a student developer (25-50% time).

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