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Gujarat (ગુજરાત), India

latitude: 22.433, longitude: 71.295
boundary: 1949080, label: 2240991954
Browse map of Gujarat (ગુજરાત) 22°25′58.80″ N, 71°17′42.00″ E
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Gujarat (ગુજરાત) is a state in India at latitude 22°25′58.80″ North, longitude 71°17′42.00″ East.

Getting started
Place Mapping
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Map internationalization (India)
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Administrative Boundaries
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Political Boundaries
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Local Government Boundaries
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Public Transportation
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Roadways - National and State Highways
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Railway systems in Gujarat
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Water resources and waterways in Gujarat
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Hospitals and Health institutions in Gujarat
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Schools and Colleges in Gujarat
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Protected areas
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Religious places
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The easiest way to communicate with other members of the OSM community near you is by sending a message to any active mappers by checking the edit history of an area or using the OSM contributors map.

Important community announcements and discussions take place on the talk-India mailing list and Indian OpenStreetMap Forum. Use the Telegram group for instant messaging.

For social media use mappingindia Facebook group and @osm_in on Twitter.

Status of openstreetmap data in Gujarat




Local Govt Bodies

Local Bodies in Gujarat


  • National Highways - OOjs UI icon check-constructive.svg (But some need alignment correction)
  • State highways Gujarat - Relation mapping in progress
  • Other roads - in progress
  • Cities -
  • Towns -


  • Functional Railway lines - OOjs UI icon check-constructive.svg (Needs alignment correction in some places)
  • Under construction and proposed lines - Partly mapped
  • Stations - Partly mapped
  • Metro network - OOjs UI icon check-constructive.svg (Awaiting official routes for future phases)

Rivers, streams and lakes

Bear in mind that most aerial photography (e.g. Bing aerial photography) is taken during the dry seasons when skies are clearest. Hence water levels may be low and the aerial photography may be misleading. For rivers the width should be based on average high water levels. This can often be deduced from viewing the riverbed. If the river has wet season flow only, then it should be marked with the tag "intermittent=yes". Lakes and reservoirs should similarly be mapped at their designed high water levels.

Tag:waterway=river suggests a maximum width for a stream. If a fit adult cannot jump across it, then it is a river. Many smaller rivers in India are currently mapped as streams.

Only major riverof works mapped, minor rivers need a lot




Pages with specific guidelines for Gujarat

Please look through these guidelines and follow them for consistency with other users.


See Landuse Mapping

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