Heat distribution network pipelines

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A heat distribution network (or district heating) consists of one or more pipelines which carry heat, often from a producer (such as a power plant, waste furnace or similar) to a consumer needing heat (such as buildings, industrial processes, bakeries, hospitals, ... ).

How to Map

Draw a way way and add the man_made=pipeline and substance=steam or substance=hot_water to it.


Specific Tags

It is also possible to give some additional and advanced information about heat pipelines:

  • The temperature=* (in °C) of the substance. If known, temperature range can be indicated with temperature:max=* and temperature:min=*, giving the hottest and coldest temperatures in the pipeline.
  • A pressure=* to indicate the pressure of the pipeline

General pipeline tags

Operational tags

  • A phone=* to call in case of a leak.
  • A email=* to mail the operator in case of a leak.
  • The operator=* of the pipeline

Points on the pipeline

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