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For links to images or other media found on Wikimedia Commons.


Link to the (highest-level applicable) object-specific category where available, otherwise, a specific image or 3D model. Do not link to more generic categories such as "churches in Birmingham".



Where possible, you may also add a wikidata=* tag. Any notable and clearly identifiable material entity is allowed to have a Wikidata entry (See Wikidata's notability guidelines). A Wikidata entity would contain a statement about an image, 3D model, Commons category, or Commons gallery being associated with the entity.

Adding wikimedia_commons=* to an object that has wikidata=* can be considered redundant because Wikidata itself often links to Wikimedia Commons. The vast majority of less experienced (newbies and occasional) users however is way more likely to understand the concept and importance of Wikimedia Commons than Wikidata though and that's why it can be considered good to add both. Even for experienced users, the human-readable value of wikimedia_commons=* is easier to interpret.

Use cases

This can be useful for giving armchair mappers (some of which may be experienced validators) a better chance at understanding the object (a museum, unique house, bridge or memorial for example or even long distance cycle routes e.g. relation 162016) and eventually complement or correct tags. Especially useful when the object doesn't also have wikipedia=*, wikidata=* or website=* tags or other easily available sources.

Note that these tags are not just intended for internal use! Linked content should therefore be suitable to be shown to end users.


Common tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

See also

  • Photo linking - Create links between OSM features and external pictures
  • image=* - has simple syntax (File:*) for linking to individual images on Commons too, but is less safe.
  • mapillary=* - link to individual image in the Mapillary database
  • 3dmr=* - for linking 3d models on the 3D Model Repository
  • wikipedia=* - provides a link to Wikipedia's article about the feature.
  • wikidata=* - The ID of the Wikidata item about the feature.
  • Images related to OSM, on Wikimedia Commons

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