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Public-images-osm logo.svg bridge:movable
MovableBridge roll.gif
The mechanism by which a movable bridge moves to clear the way below. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Bridges
Used on these elements
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

Use bridge:movable=* to describe how a particular movable bridge (indicated by bridge=movable on the road, and/or man_made=bridge on the outline of the bridge) moves to clear the way below. Note that this key may be used without tagging bridge=movable, to indicate a formerly movable bridge that has been fixed shut.

Almost all movable bridges have one, or perhaps two, movable spans which are flanked by fixed spans. The way for the bridge should be divided at the ends of the movable span(s) and only the movable spans should be tagged with bridge=movable and bridge:movable=*. If desired, the piers on which the movable span rests (usually indicated by the nodes where the ways for the fixed and movable spans join) can be tagged with bridge:support=*. The pier on which certain movable spans pivot (swing bridges pivot horizontally, bascule and drawbridges vertically) can be tagged as bridge:support=pivot_pier and the support towers for the two ends of a lift bridge as bridge:support=lift_pier.

Movable bridges on highways typically have traffic barriers which should be tagged as well, e.g., barrier=lift_gate. access:conditional=* and maxheight:conditional=* can be used to tag the bridge's way and the waterway beneath, respectively, if a regular scheme exists for opening and closing the bridge.

Bridge Movable

Used to map a particular bridge that is movable to clear the way below. See Proposed_features/Bridge_types and bridge:movable=* for an introduction.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
bridge:movable bascule way area A type of movable bridge, a bascule bridge contains one or two spans, one end of which is free and swings upwards. A counterweight at the pivoting end of the span or spans balances the weight as the free end rises. Although sometimes called a "drawbridge", that term is applied more strictly in this tagging scheme (see below). MovableBridge draw.gif
bridge:movable drawbridge way area A type of movable bridge similar to the bascule, as one end of the bridge is free and swings upwards. However, this type of bridge is raised by chains attached at the free end. Drawbridge.gif
bridge:movable lift way area A type of movable bridge, a lift bridge contains a span which rises vertically while remaining parallel to its closed position. The span is suspended between lift towers at each end when open. MovableBridge lift.gif
bridge:movable submersible way area A submersible bridge is a type of movable bridge that lowers the bridge deck below the water level to permit waterborne traffic to use the waterway. MovableBridge subm.gif
bridge:movable swing way area A type of movable bridge, a swing bridge contains a span supported by a pivot resting on a pier, either at the center or towards one end of the span. Rotating the span on the pivot opens or closes the bridge. MovableBridge swing.gif
bridge:movable transporter way area A bridge where a segment of roadway or footway is suspended from cables and carried back and forth like a gondola. MovableBridge transport.gif
bridge:movable retractable way area A bridge where a segment of roadway can be rolled or slid backwards to open a gap. MovableBridge thrust.gif
bridge:movable tilt way area A tilt bridge is a type of moveable bridge which rotates about fixed endpoints. MovableBridge tilt.gif

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