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The load-bearing structure supporting the span or spans of a bridge. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Bridges
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Use bridge:structure=* to describe the load-bearing architecture of individual bridge spans. (A span is the part of a bridge between two of its supports.) Simple bridges may have one span between the abutments on which it rests at each end; others may have multiple spans and many supports. Sometimes a bridge will have more than one type of span in its length. In these cases, the way can be split at the support where the type of span changes and each piece tagged with a different value of bridge:structure=*.


Key Value Element Comment Graphics Photo
bridge:structure arch way In an arch bridge, the span is supported by a curved arch, which transfers some of its weight into horizontal thrust against the abutments. Bogenbrücke Stein.png HarlemRiverBridges.jpg
bridge:structure beam way In a beam bridge, the load is transferred entirely to a span resting on a support at either end, without additional reinforcement. Balkenbrücke.png Puente Nuevo 03.JPG
bridge:structure truss way In a truss bridge, the span consists of a series of interlocking triangular units which bear the load. WarrensubThrough Truss1.png Eagle River Bridge.jpg
bridge:structure floating way A bridge whose load is supported by floating on water, rather than resting on fixed supports. Typically a pontoon bridge. Musée Léonard de Vinci Milan 011.jpg
bridge:structure suspension way A bridge where the load is supported from a cable under tension, attached to anchorages at each end of the bridge. In most, but not all, suspension bridges, the cables are suspended between towers near each end of the bridge. Bridge-suspension.svg GoldenGateBridge-001.jpg
bridge:structure cable-stayed way A bridge where the load is supported by cables radiating from the tops of towers resting on supports along the line of the bridge. Schrägseilbrücke-Fächerförmig.png Pont de Térénez - Fnistère - France.jpg
bridge:structure simple-suspension way A simple hanging bridge construction, also referred to as swinging or hanging rope bridges. Bridges requiring special skills may be additionally tagged with sac_scale=*, those requiring special equipment with highway=via_ferrata Bridge-suspension-simple.svg Soderskar-bridge.jpg
bridge:structure humpback way An arch bridge with significant vertical elevation changes of the bridge deck along the arch, also called moon bridges in Asia. Moonbridge.png Gaoliang Bridge.JPG

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