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Access restrictions for mountain bikes. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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The key mtb=* has been used to map access restrictions for mountain bikes. In most countries and situations, though, all types of bicycles are treated equally. Therefore the key bicycle=* is more commonly used to document access restrictions for all kinds of bicycles. For values see access=* and further description at Bicycle#Bicycle_Restrictions.

The key mtb=* is also used in combination with tourism=information and information=* to signify that these have something to do with mountain biking. E.g. a map with mountain bike routes of the region information=map or a guidepost for mountain bikers information=guidepost or bicycle shop specialising in mountain bikes shop=bicycle.

Since this key was not documented until April 2020, it often appears to have been used to suggest that a path or road is suitable for mountain bikes, rather than as a formal legal restriction or permission. However, a better alternative in this case would be the keys mtb:scale=* and/or tracktype=* sac_scale=* smoothness=*, since it would not only indicate whether a path or road is suitable, but also specify how difficult it is for mountain bikes.

Serrata Mountain Bike Track Board Map

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