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A legal description allowing unlicensed off road vehicles Edit or translate this description.
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The purpose of the ohv=* key is to act as a legal designation for a given road. The definition in this context is that a vehicle not licensed for highway use is able to be operated on ways tagged with this key.


Sample map showing Off Highway Vehicle desingation
Example map describing Off Highway Vehicle designation.

In the United States many federal lands have rules allowing Off Highway Vehicles to operate on many rural trails. The sample map to the right shows this legal designation within the context of National Forest Service land.

ohv=yes is meant to show additional privileges on a road/trail above what is typically granted with respect to what a legal vehicle is. ohv=yes does not imply the condition or type of road, for that you will need to use additional tags such as highway=track. This tag explicitly conflicts with atv=* and motorcycle=* as those tags apply restrictions where ohv=* lifts restrictions. The only applicable "restriction" type tag that is useful in conjuction with 4wd_only=yes as that describes the road condition more than the legal description.


Tag Element Comment
ohv=yes way Designates that unlicensed off road vehicles may operate on the way
ohv=yes area Designates that unlicensed off road vehicles may operate within the defined area

Restrictions by country

United States of America

Off Highway Vehicles are classified as vehicles that are not licensed for driving on streets. These vehicles typically fall into the following categories:

  • Jeep, Truck, or SUV modified for off road use.
  • Custom built rock crawlers
  • ATV (quad) or UTV (side by side)
  • Off road motorcycles

In all cases the vehicle must still be permitted for off road use. This is typically seen as a "permanent" sticker placed on the outside of the vehicle. These stickers are purchased at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

In the US vehicles with state or federal issued license plates are also legal on roads/trails tagged designated tagged with ohv=yes.

In the US you should probably be using this only on highway=track or area=yes.

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