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Private mailboxes where mailmen or other people deposit letters to specific addresses. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Amenities
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A letter box is a private mailbox where mailmen or other people deposit incoming mail to specific addresses. It's often near a door or a gate of a building or access road. Do not confuse it with an amenity=post_box, which has the opposite function (outgoing mail).

How to map

Add a node on the position of the letter box and add amenity=letter_box. If the box is attached to or built into the wall of a building, insert the node in the building's contour. Also add the address, see #Postal address below.

Mailboxes for several addresses are regularly combined in one place (for example per street in rural areas, or at the front door of an apartment, for a group of trailers in a trailer park) — then use just one single node instead of 20 separate ones.

Postal address

You can map the address the mailbox is for. Use the common addr:*=* scheme, BUT use the prefix post instead of addr.

If you map multiple mailboxes as one node, it's likely that they have more than one housenumber. Follow the generic addr:*=* rules for that: separate the numbers with semicolons, such as post:housenumber=3;5;7B; create ranges like post:flats=13-24.


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