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역사적인 장소의 장소 및 건물 설명을 편집 및 번역합니다.
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historic=* 해당 태그는 여전히 존재하는 지형지물에 태그를 지정하는 데 사용되며 그 흔적을 관찰할 수 있고 역사적으로 관심받는 혹은 유명한 대상이 되는 그것에 태그를 지정하는데 사용됩니다.

또는 더 이상 사용되지 않는 해당 태그 life cycle prefixes 를 비교하여 참고해주세요.

Note that individual tags are outcome of organic tag growth use (see ATYL) and as result there is not really possible to specify some nice characteristic shared by all historic=* objects. Some attempted to declare that historic=* is used only for objects that are historically significant, but it does not match actual use.


This key can be used on every observable feature that has a historical meaning, regardless of

  • historical importance. For example, inclusion in an authoritative listing of historic sites, or a special protected status is not a requirement.
  • size, and in particular the degree to which it influences the visible landscape.
  • interest to the OSM community.

Common examples are:

  • Castles
  • Historical transport infrastructure, such as Roman roads or disused railway tracks
  • Historical sites of large-scale mineral extraction

바역사적인 것에서의 사용방법

  • Wayside shrines are tagged historic=wayside_shrine, even if they are modern.
  • Memorials are tagged historic=memorial, even if they are modern (presumably every memorial is referring to history in some sense).

사용되지 않을 때

The tag historic=* is used to identify subjects that relate to human history.

However, if the feature is also a cultural heritage or has other historic importance, historic=* can be used alongside other tags.


The key can be used on any OSM object (node way area relation) that represents a real-world feature which qualifies for this tag (see above).

그것의 가치

The value of historic=* is used to characterise the type of feature. The range of possible values is open, but if one of the values listed below can be used to adequately describe the feature, it should be used.

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