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An OSM Project to map London's Cycle Network. The network is co-ordinated by TFL, Sustrans, the London Cycling Campaign, CTC and Camden Borough Council.

The network is incomplete and not all routes are numbered.

An international cycling map created from OSM data is available, provided by Andy Allan. The map rendering is still being improved, the data are updated every few days. It shows National Cycle Network cycle routes, other regional and local routes, and other cycling-specific features, such as:
  • dedicated cycle tracks and lanes
  • contours and hill colouring
  • bicycle parking
  • bike shops, toilets, drinking fountains, even pubs!
  • proposed bike routes (or numbering protocols), contrasted with the Lonvia map, below, which does not show proposed routes, but actual routes only

CyclOSM A free cycle-oriented map with more features than OpenCycleMap. See its wiki page CyclOSM.
Waymarked Trails: Cycling by Sarah Hoffman is a layer superimposed over mapnik (Standard Map Layer) which shows marked cycle routes around the world. Updated minutely, it renders actual routes without the state=proposed tag. Therefore no proposed routes (or proposed numbering protocols) are displayed.


The London Cycle Network shall be mapped as relations, due to shared sections.

For all relations:

cycle_network=GB:London Cycle Network

If numbered (replace xx with appropriate number):

name=LCN xx
alt_name=London Cycle Network route xx

If not numbered:

alt_name=London Cycle Network
description=(Insert route description here: e.g. 'Hackney Road to Cable Street via Whitechapel')

See Cycle routes for the full tagging guide (although the above suffices for the LCN).

Tagging for route generation

For routing it's particularly helpful if routes are tagged continuously and any special facilities are tagged, such as:

  • Contraflow cycling on one-way streets:
  • where cycling is allowed in bus/psv only roads:
  • crossing nodes (i.e. "highway=crossing"):
    • bicycle=yes where cycling is permitted
    • bicycle=dismount where cyclists must dismount
  • "highway=footway" sections of cycle routes where cyclists must dismount (including pedestrian only crossings):
    • bicycle=dismount
    • combine with cycleway=crossing in cases where a crossing requiring dismount is mapped as "highway=footway + footway=crossing"

More generally, the better the OSM map becomes the better the routing will be, of course.

Camden Cycling Campaign is offering an experimental facility to plan cycle routes in London using the OSM database. (Only central and inner north London at present, but if it's successful we'll expand it. The routes are generated by a very clever program developed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign). To try the OSM-based London route planner use the Plan a Route... button on the: Camden maps.

--Georgio8 23:24, 2 January 2008 (UTC)


Cycleways Network

For all relations use:

cycle_network=GB:London Cycleways
Route Description Notes Map link or relation
C1 Freezywater to North Middlesex Hospital Will connect to existing CS1(relation 11230042). There is a missing section in the route at Ponders End. relation 8312993
CS1 (C1) Liverpool Street to Tottenham Will get rebranded as Cycleway 1. Will connect with Enfield's A1010 section of C1.[1][2] relation 6230031
C2 Aldgate to Stratford CS2 was rebranded with Cycleway 2 signage in Sept 2021. Full proposal for original CS2 was to extend further east along A118 to Ilford Hill. relation 1400882
CS3 (C3) Lancaster Gate to Barking (River Road) Will get rebranded as Cycleway 3. Will also get a short extension eastwards to meet C42 near Barking. relation 1159230
C4 Tower Bridge to Greenwich Partially open. Streetspace temporary extensions of this route were delivered: (i) from Tower Bridge to The City (via London Bridge), and (ii) from Greenwich to Charlton (partly open) relation 8405154
C5 Waterloo - Clapham Common Q5 was rebranded as Cycleway 5 in December 2021. relation 13486372
C6 Kentish Town to Elephant & Castle Cycle Superhighway 6 was completely rebranded as C6. Current route alignment via Judd Street and Midland Road (section of a future C41 route) has few 'C6' signs (and no 'C6' road markings) and appears to be an interim alignment for C6. Instead CS6 had been shown on the planned Central London Grid as going via relation 12564802; this appears to be the eventual C6 alignment but the King's Cross gyratory project is still at its design phase. relation 7870680
relation 5609958
CS7 Merton (River Wandle) to the City Presumably will eventually get rebranded as Cycleway 7. Streetspace improvements were delivered in 2020. relation 1077494
C8 Chelsea Bridge to Lambeth Bridge Was part of CS8. Had Streetspace improvements during summer 2020 and got rebranded as C8 in 2021. relation 12484626
CS8 Wandsworth to Chelsea Bridge Streetspace improvement during 2021. Section from Chelsea Bridge to Lambeth Bridge was rebranded as Cycleway 8 in 2021. Potentially the original CS8 route could get split into 2 different Cycleway routes on either side of the Thames; a Streetspace "CS8 Extension – Chelsea Bridge to Lotts Road" is planned,[3] presumably following NCN 4 towards Imperial Wharf. relation 1266651
C9 Hounslow to Kensington Olympia Construction of Phase 1 (Brentford to Olympia) began in 2019 and is partly open in Chiswick. relation 7593802
C10 (Q1)   The rebranding of Q1 to C10 began with Southwark's Q1 section. A future extension to Hampstead Road is planned (presumably via relation 7675615) relation 11049195
C11   The planned CS11 construction was blocked by legal action. Cycle lanes have been introduced on Portland Place as a Streetspace intervention. relation 7820761
C12   Quietway 3 will become C12. relation 11135819
C13   Quietway 13 will become C13.[4] relation 10091152
C14 'Thames Path' Almost fully signed between Tower Bridge and South Dock (near Southwark border), but the segment through King's Stairs Gardens (relation 11142317) is still undelivered. C14 signage ends at South Dock; a revised (yet to be delivered) alignment here will lead on to where a new footbridge was proposed in the Q14 plans. Further east of here, existing sections of Q14 will get rebranded as C14. relation 9201162
C15 ?    
C16   Redbridge's Q6 route got rebranded as Cycleway 16 in 2022. relation 6691788
C17 (Q7)   Partially open. Former Q7 route has become Cycleway 17, although Q7 signage still exists at Dulwich Village. relation 10068590
C18 Greenwich to Kent House   relation 8436065
C19 ?    
C20 Enfield Town to Bowes Park Open between Enfield Town and and the Enfield-Haringey border, constructed as the A105 mini-holland scheme. A Streetspace route along Green Lanes in Hackney (relation 9053184) could potentially be a future section of C20. relation 6936872
C21 Enfield Town to Meridian Water Formerly planned as Quietway 18. relation 10605930
C22 ?    
C23 Lea Bridge to Whipps Cross Route was constructed as the Lea Bridge mini-holland. Will be extended westwards to Dalston. Signage suggests that this route will continue eastwards to Leytonstone, but an unsigned connection to the Forest Road mini-holland route near Waterworks Roundabout has also been largely constructed. relation 8838293
C24 Tottenham Hale to Waterworks Roundabout   relation 8075864
C25 ?    
C26 Leyton to ? Future route already signed as 'route to Leyton' from C23, but this section might be a 'link to C26'. The main C26 route might mirror LCN 8 and run from Leytonstone towards Hackney Wick. relation 9965951
C27 North Kensington to Fitzrovia Westminster's section of C27 is fully signed. The rest of Quietway 2 will become C27. In Waltham Forest, a 'route realignment' via Lea Bridge station/Argall (relation 9724555) was upgraded with new infrastructure, although this might merely function as a link to C27 from C23. relation 10603616
C28 Kingston upon Thames to Surbiton Was initially launched as Quietway 19. relation 7867560
C29 Kingston upon Thames to Surbiton[5] Built between Kingston and Surbiton, with an extension to Tolworth under construction. Formerly planned (and partially signed) as Quietway 20. relation 7948532
C30 Kingston to Kingston Vale[2] Most of the route is signed, although in places the consulted mini-holland scheme has not been delivered in full as yet due to reduced funding post-COVID. relation 7943591
C31 New Malden to Raynes Park A future extension to Wimbledon is planned. relation 7428562
C32 Kingston to New Malden Proposed mini-holland route. Construction began in 2021. relation 7891693
C33 Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Woolwich Town Centre Was previously signed as an unnumbered 'Q' route. This initial section is likely to become an alternative link route off the future 'Woolwich to Lee Green' Cycleway route. relation 9169726
C34 Acton to Wood Lane Runs along the A40. Was previously to become Cycleway 10 and part of the East-West Cycle Superhighway. relation 9344682
C35 Bermondsey Spa to Catford Signed between Bermondsey Spa and Peckham. Route was previously planned as Q9 (also referred to locally as QW83). relation 7032482
C36 Kennington Park to Burgess Park Formerly planned as Q8. Short section in Burgess Park is mapped as open on TfL's Cycle map, but is unsigned. relation 6776351
C37 Hackney to Westferry Partly open as a Streetspace pop-up route. A planned extension of this route to Isle of Dogs has been deferred for now. relation 8836517
C38 Bowes Park to Farringdon[2] Formerly known as Q10. Islington section between Finsbury Park and Highbury Fields is signed as C38. Via a pre-existing section of LCN, it leads on to a temporary Streetspace route via Liverpool Road, although the planned Q10 route itself has been via a 'quieter' parallel street. relation 10782295
C39 Shepherds Bush to Kensington Olympia Launched in 2020. relation 10068787
C40 Brentford to Twickenham[6] Under construction. relation 8476035
C41 St. Pancras to Holborn Seems largely constructed but remains unsigned (apart from northern section currently signed as either C6 or C.) An extension to Euston is planned. relation 7429984
C42 Ilford to Barking Riverside Mostly complete from Barking to Barking Riverside. relation 13473809
C43 ?    
C44 Grand Union Canal(/North Kensington) to Notting Hill/Bayswater Northbound is signed as being a 'through route' to North Kensington (planned via relation 11661826). However a 'branch route' as far as Grand Union Canal is already open, with Queen's Park being the signed (future) destination on this. relation 9220505
C45 ?    
C46 ?    
C47 ?    
C48 ?    
C49[7] East Acton to Chiswick relation 13387501
C50[8] Camden to Tottenham Hale Will Norman tweeted that the Streetspace route on Camden Park Road "will link to C50". relation 11135832
C56[9] Westminster Bridge to ? 13591454}
? Oval to Streatham Hill Streetspace plans for rapid construction of route. relation 9720882
? Peckham Rye to Streatham Under construction. relation 7426656
? Colliers Wood to Sutton Under construction. relation 7426500


For all relations use:

cycle_network=GB:London Quietways
Route Description Mapped Notes Map link or relation
Q1 (C10) Bloomsbury to The Strand 100% Quietway 1. Southwark section has been rebranded as C10. relation 5611087
Q2 (C27) East Acton to Walthamstow 100% Quietway 2; construction of central section (Westminster, Camden) still to be completed relation 5683007
Q3 (C12) Gladstone Park to Regent's Park 100% Quietway 3; Gladstone Park to Kilburn section has launched relation 6277339
Q4 Clapham Common to Wimbledon 100% Quietway 4 (under construction) relation 6692905
Q5 (C5) Clapham Common to Norbury 100% Once route gets signed, it will become part of Cycleway 5 relation 6388958
Q6 (C16) Mile End to Barkingside 100% Quietway 6 (partly opened) relation 6691788
Q7 (C17) Burgess Park to Crystal Palace 100% Quietway 7 (partly opened as C17) relation 9601852
Q8 (C36) Kennington Park to Burgess Park 100% Construction to begin in 2020. relation 6776351
Q10 (C38) Bowes Park to Farringdon 100% Proposed Quietway 10 via Finsbury Park; continuous with already launched C20 route to Enfield Town relation 6936872
Q11 Angel to Southwark Bridge 100% Quietway 11 (partly opened). Might possibly become an extension of Cycleway 7. relation 6796382
Q12 St John's Wood to West Hampstead 100% Quietway 12 relation 7223127 and possibly relation 7222871
Q13 (C13) Old Street to Broadway Market 100% Quietway 13 relation 6928476
Q14 (C14) Waterloo to Thamesmead 100% Quietway 14 (partly opened) relation 5723795
Q15 Brompton Cemetery to Belgravia 100% Quietway 15 (mostly opened) relation 6680021
Q16 Regent's Park to West Drayton 100% Quietway 16 (under construction). Partially mapped as open by TfL. relation 7729099 and possibly relation 8123767
Q17 Green Park to Pimlico 100% 'Quietway 17' according to TfL cycle route data relation 7414954
Q18 (C21) Meridian Water to Enfield Town 100% Quietway 18 relation 7845393
Q20 (C29) Kingston upon Thames to Tolworth Quietway 20 (partly open) relation 7948532
Q21 Wandsworth Common to Teddington Lock 100% Quietway 21 relation 6776357
Q22 Victoria Park to Newham Way 100% Quietway 22, mostly via The Greenway relation 8483426
Q23 Ealing Broadway to Greenford Quietway 23 (under construction) relation 7840080
Q (C40) Brentford to Twickenham Proposed Quietway relation 8476035
Q CS3 to Barking Quietway (under construction) relation 7680596
Q Peckham Rye to Wimbledon Chase Proposed Quietway relation 7426656
Q Hanworth to Kingston Proposed Quietway relation 7873718
Q Lower Sydenham to Bromley 100% Proposed Quietway relation 7838292
Q Woolwich to Lee Green Proposed Quietway relation 7878985
Q Lee Green to the Waterlink Way (Catford) Proposed Quietway (Phase 3) relation 8770432
Q Colliers Wood to Sutton Proposed Quietway relation 7426500
Q Hornsey to North Finchley Proposed Quietway relation 7678839
Q Hammersmith to Twickenham Proposed Quietway relation 8082787
Q Croydon to Worcester Park 100% Proposed Quietway relation 7987122
Q Wembley to Harrow Weald 100% Proposed Quietway relation 7839628
Q Canonbury to Highgate Proposed Quietway relation 7876456
Q Lee Green to Grove Park Proposed Quietway (Phase 3) relation 8770431
Q New Cross Gate (Q1) to Crofton Proposed Quietway (Phase 3) relation 8770437
Q Beckenham Place Park to Lower Sydenham Proposed Quietway (Phase 3) relation 8770433
Q Crofton to Sydenham Proposed Quietway (Phase 4) relation 8770435
Q Deptford to Crofton Proposed Quietway (Phase 4) relation 8770436
Q Forest Hill to Lower Sydenham Proposed Quietway (Phase 4) relation 8770434

London Cycle Network

Be careful! Some boroughs have used LCN+ Link numbers for their cycle route signs.
Route Description Mapped Notes Map link or relation
0 Hyde Park to Southwark Bridge 90% Stations Circular in Westminster, Camden, Islington and the City --Jean Dollimore 14:07, 3 January 2008 (UTC) relation 12176
2 Unknown 60% Roughly close to A2 road. relation 2706
2a Unknown ??% I saw it cross the A205 --Amaroussi (talk) 18:34, 16 September 2013 (UTC) relation 3210691
3 Waterloo South Bank (NCN 4) → Clapham → Earlsfield → Robin Hood Gate → Kingston (Boundary) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 25 November 2014.
  • Numbered signs intermittent, but plenty of road markings to prove its existence.
relation 2696 (JOSM)
5 Edgware-Chelsea Bridge - Streatham 40% Northern part almost to Hyde Park complete-- then between Hyde Park and Chelsea Bridge partly done, but surveys needed -- someone else has done part south of Thames --Jean Dollimore 16:03, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

North of Hyde Park may have moved from Edgware Road to Seymour Place (10 July 2010)

The mapped route from Hyde Park to north seems very suspicious, there are very long stretches with no signs whatsoever, especially north of North Circular (3 Sep 2010)

6 East Camden to Waterloo Bridge 90% North South route in Westminster and Camden--Jean Dollimore 14:08, 3 January 2008 (UTC) [2]
6a Highgate to Parliament in Camden and Westminster 90% (no official number yet - Camden and Westminster CC call it 6a)--Jean Dollimore 14:07, 3 January 2008 (UTC) [3]
7 Elephant and Castle - Smithfield - Finsbury Park - Wood Green 80% north end from Wood Green station to Inderwick Road/Tottenham Lane missing--Jean Dollimore 14:07, 3 January 2008 (UTC) relation 13307 (JOSM)
8 Farringdon Road - London Fields - Homerton - Leyton - Leytonstone 100% Mapped from LCN 0 at Margery Street/Yardley Street to Leytonstone relation 58916 (JOSM)
9 London Bridge - Shoreditch - Hackney - Walthamstow - Chingford - Epping? 90% Mapped from London Bridge to Chingford (Station Road) relation 1429834 (JOSM)
10 Elephant and Castle - City – Tottenham - Enfield - Cheshunt 50% Mapped between St Ann's Road (Tottenham) and City
-- Attila 17:56, 13 September 2009 (UTC)
relation 240491 (JOSM)
11 Bank - Bow; Stratford - Woodford Green 100% Mapped from Bank to Bow, and Stratford (Maryland) to Woodford New Road/High Road. Technically, LCN 11 doesn't exist Bow to Stratford last time I checked. relation 1400820 (JOSM)
12 Stratford - Ilford - Romford - Gallows Corner 90% Mapped from Stratford to Gallows Corner Roundabout. Missing section from Romford Road/Ilford Hill to Ilford Lane/Albert Road is needed (possibly underpass under roundabout at Ilford Lane/Winston Way junction). relation 4243493 (JOSM)
13 Canning Town - Barking - Rainham 75% Mapped Canning Town to Barking (River Road). The rest of the route east is intermittent, broadly following the old A13 (A1306) to the Greater London border. In places this also forms part of NCN 13 relation 103951 (JOSM)
14 East Camden to Crouch Hill 70% Continuation of route 6 in islington--Georgio8 14:12, 3 January 2008 (UTC) relation 3188316
15 Tower Gateway - Canning Town - East Ham - Barking - Beacontree Heath - Upminster Routing (4/4) Relation checked 22 October 2014. relation 1400350 (JOSM)
16 Camden-Victoria Park (individual tags); Old Ford - eastern edge of The Greenway (Relation 1400913) 75% Started eastern end - problem WB at Upper St, then a missing bits by Packington St and Cambridge Heath Road, Old Ford Road east Victoria Park Jean Dollimore 14:07, 3 January 2008 (UTC). Please check if the route Camden-Victoria Park is valid. I understand LCN 16 runs mainly along The Greenway, and any route further west than Parnell Road was only proposed (Old Ford Road, Sewardstone Road, Hackney Road to join LCN 9 [4] relation 1400913 (JOSM)
19 Greenwich (LCN 2) → Welling → Bexleyheath → ? Routing (2/4) relation 4115212 (JOSM)
20 Deptford (LCN 2) → Lewisham → Mottingham → New Eltham → Sidcup (LCN 69) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 17 October 2014. relation 3211298 (JOSM)
22 London Bridge → Peckham → Catford → Bromley → Orpington Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 October 2014. relation 4067 (JOSM)
relation 3525538 (Peckham variant)
relation 4112075 (Jubilee Park variant)
23 Southwark Bridge → Elephant & Castle → Crystal Palace → Croydon → Coulsdon Routing (4/4) Relation checked 4 November 2014. relation 2707 (JOSM)
24 Unknown ??% Mapped from Wallington -> Mitcham
Also signed as part of national route 22 and also 20 in two places in Hackbridge.
Another route along southern edge of Wormwood Scrubs is signed as 24.
relation 5389231 (JOSM) (route at Wormwood Scrubs)
25 Unknown ??% Mapped from Brixton -> Herne Hill -> East Dulwich -> Peckham Rye Park [5]
25a Unknown ??% Sign at Kingsholm Gardens relation 3210738
26 Fulham area ??% Spotted at Clem Atlee Estate relation 3891759
27 Unknown ??% Mapped from Penge -> Bromley. Signage to Greenwich [6]
29 Unknown ??% Mapped a single road in Sutton, several in Wimbledon [7] [8]
35 Unknown ??% Stumbled upon between Chiswick and Shepherd's Bush relation 1066100 (JOSM)
37 Unknown ??% Mapped from Putney to Vauxhall. Probably follows rail line further. Numbered signs run out in Putney. The route pops up again in Twickenham (Lion Road). [9] [10] [11]
38 Kings Road - ? - Ebury Street - ? - Fleet Street ??% East end of Fleet Street has sign to Covent Garden and Westminster but didn't see any more signs from there to Trafalgar Square. relation 1061090 (JOSM)
39 Uxbridge Road - Shepherd's Bush - Hyde Park - Oxford Circus - Finsbury ??% Mapped between Uxbridge Road and Shepherd's Bush. Spotted sign on Bury Place. Between Hyde Park and Oxford Circus might be via Brook and Grosvenor streets but can't find any numbered signs there. relation 1062724 (JOSM)
44 Hounslow (LCN 32) → Brentford → Hammersmith → Kensington → Hyde Park Corner (LCN 5) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 14 November 2014. relation 3584905 (JOSM)
45 Harrow - Battersea Bridge Mapped from HSK to Battersea bridge. Have tracks from Notting Hill to Harrow relation 10963 (JOSM)
48 Kilburn (LCN 5) → Willesden → Neasden (LCN 85) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 16 November 2014.
  • Neasden → Kingsbury section not built.
relation 4200261 (JOSM)
50 Camden/Barnet border - St James Park through Westminster 70% Mapped through Camden and Westmisnter. (there is some more through Barnet on Finchley Road) --Jean Dollimore 14:07, 3 January 2008 (UTC) [12]
54 Alexandra Palace - Wood Green - Tottenham - Walthamstow 50% Mapped between Wood Green and Tottenham --Attila 20:08, 7 September 2009 (GMT) relation 75419
57 Chigwell → Moby Dick → Becontree → Dagenham (NCN 13) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 3 August 2015. relation 5409727 (JOSM)
58 Collier Row (LCN 60) → Romford → Elm Park → Rainham (NCN 13) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 3 August 2015. relation 4243494 (JOSM)
62 Greenwich – (Forest Hill) 100% Cycled this May/June 2018. No route signage is used, just LCN signs with named destinations. Actually quite a handy route between Lewisham and Penge.

relation 8258561 (JOSM)

64 Unknown ??% Repeater Sign at Briset Road relation 3210753
66 Thamesmead (NCN 1) → Plumstead → Welling → New Eltham → Petts Wood (LCN 22) Routing (4/4) Relation checked 17 October 2014.
  • A sign on St Jude Street turning onto Boleyn Road in Dalston is an LCN+ link number.
relation 4115175 (JOSM)
relation 4115176 (JOSM) (66a)
relation 4115177 (JOSM) (66b)
73 Unknown ??% Sign spotted at Robin Hood gate in Richmond Park relation 1143129 (JOSM)
75 Unknown ??% Mapped from Beddington -> Sutton -> Cheam, signing gets unclear past Sutton -> Croydon (Patchy) -> Bromley [13]
88 Unknown ??% Mapped Enfield to Cockfosters section --steve8 20:07, 4 May 2008 (UTC)
88a found in Hayes --Amaroussi (talk) 11:53, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
relation 4115821 (JOSM) (88a)
213 Unknown ??% Near Norwood Junction [15]
222 Unknown ??% Just north of Croydon [16]

LCN+ Links

Be careful! Some boroughs have used LCN+ Link numbers for their cycle route signs.
Link Borough Mapped Notes Relation
4 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 4218955 (JOSM)
5 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 1690027 (JOSM)
6 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 8459 (JOSM)
7 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 14907 (JOSM)
8 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 14676 (JOSM)
9 Barnet Routing (4/4) Relation converted to relation 23 November 2014. relation 4218956 (JOSM)
11 Bexley ??% relation 1652121 (JOSM)
18 Brent Routing (4/4) Relation checked 24 November 2014. relation 14870 (JOSM)
19 Brent Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 4198215 (JOSM)
26 Camden Routing (4/4) Relation checked 25 November 2014. relation 15457 (JOSM)
47 Ealing ??% relation 8286052 (JOSM)
53 Enfield Routing (4/4) Relation checked 17 November 2014. relation 14677 (JOSM)
55 Enfield Routing (4/4) Relation checked 8 January 2015. relation 14675 (JOSM)
56 Greenwich ??% relation 1650927 (JOSM)
57 Greenwich ??% relation 1889426 (JOSM)
66 Hackney ??% relation 4486740 (JOSM)
75 Hammersmith & Fulham Routing (4/4) Relation checked 28 November 2014. relation 4233543 (JOSM)
79 Haringey Routing (4/4) Relation checked 8 January 2015. relation 14671 (JOSM)
80 Haringey Routing (4/4) Relation checked 25 November 2014. relation 17451 (JOSM)
81 Haringey Routing (4/4) Relation checked 8 January 2015. relation 17452 (JOSM)
82 Haringey Routing (4/4) Relation checked 25 November 2014. relation 275052 (JOSM)
86 Harrow Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 97257 (JOSM)
87 Harrow Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 90184 (JOSM)
88 Harrow Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 4188040 (JOSM)
89 Harrow Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 97194 (JOSM)
93 Hillingdon ??% relation 1549115 (JOSM)
94 Hillingdon ??% relation 7456908 (JOSM)
96 Hillingdon ??% relation 8286075 (JOSM)
99 Hounslow ??% relation 8326476 (JOSM)
102 Hounslow ??% relation 8286051 (JOSM)
106 Islington Routing (4/4) Relation checked 13 January 2015. relation 4484920 (JOSM)
107 Islington ??% relation 8307868 (JOSM)
148 Merton ??% relation 7446179 (JOSM)
154 Newham 100% Runs along the eastern edge of Newham (East Ham - North Woolwich). relation 1400067 (JOSM)
155 Newham 100% (Stratford - Manor Park) Extends from the west (border Newham/Tower Hamlets), to the east (Newham/Redbridge), along the A118. relation 1400806 (JOSM)
156 Newham ??% relation 1480890 (JOSM)
157 Newham 100% (Canning Town - East Ham). Extends from the west (border Newham/Tower Hamlets), to the east (Newham/Barking & Dagenham), along the A13. relation 544459 (JOSM)
158 Newham ??% relation 1889260 (JOSM)
161 Redbridge ??% relation 7459330 (JOSM)
183 Southwark Routing (4/4) Relation checked 26 November 2014. relation 1400523 (JOSM)
188 Southwark Routing (4/4) Relation checked 26 November 2014. relation 1400461 (JOSM)
194 Tower Hamlets ??% relation 1400819 (JOSM)
195 Tower Hamlets ??% relation 1400399 (JOSM)
196 Tower Hamlets ??% relation 7456963 (JOSM)
206 Waltham Forest ??% relation 7459377 (JOSM)
247 Islington ??% relation 8280692 (JOSM)
248 Islington ??% relation 4486739 (JOSM)
249 Ealing Routing (1/4) Relation checked 24 November 2014. relation 4222230 (JOSM)
252 Hounslow ??% relation 8286076 (JOSM)
253 Hillingdon ??% relation 8286050 (JOSM)
260 Newham ??% relation 1400122 (JOSM)
281 Newham ??% relation 7459326 (JOSM)
282 Harrow Routing (4/4) Relation checked 15 November 2014. relation 4198216 (JOSM)
285 Newham 100% Runs along the southern edge of Newham (Leamouth - North Woolwich). relation 1400094 (JOSM)

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