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It is no secret that the OSM data in one way or other is used by many companies in the world, including major, top 10 ones. This page aims to list some of the best known consumers of OpenStreetMap.

The criteria for inclusion is, at least a million monthly active users of a service, or a leader in its own domain. Please provide a link and a description of features that are used.

As a base map

  • Facebook, in Live Map and for maps of selected countries (roads and placenames only).
  • Wikipedia (roads, places, transit stops).
  • Mapillary, for the map (via mapbox, with POI).
  • Foursquare (via mapbox, no POI).
  • Strava and Runkeeper, two major fitness tracking services (via mapbox, with POI).
  • Snapchat, for its Map (via mapbox, with POI).
  • Duck Duck Go, for plotting results on a map (via mapbox, with POI).
  • Baidu Maps, for maps outside China (with POI).
  • Moovit, a transit navigation app (everything, including POI).
  •, for the map (via mapbox, with POI).
  • switched to OSM for both website and apps.
  • Ingress, for the underlying map (place names and roads).
  • TripAdvisor (roads and placenames only)
  • UK Met Office (for its Weather maps)

Mapbox provides API and SDKs that many other big companies are using.

As data

  • Telenav uses OpenStreetMap data to power its Scout personal navigation apps.
  • MAPS.ME uses OSM for its offline maps.
  • Apple uses OSM data for some of the regions in their Maps applications.
  • Pokémon Go uses OSM both as a basemap and as data for calculating spawn points.
  • Lyft uses for improve routing [1]


These claims are based on interviews or technical articles. Please provide a link.

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