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Local user group
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When: every first monday of the month
Where: The Cask Republic (map)
Next: 4/6/2020 at 6pm
Mailing list
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Next meeting : Monday, April 6 at 6pm, at The Cask Republic (Downtown New Haven)

The local contributor groups in New Haven and around the city. For statewide projects and information visit Connecticut page.

Meetings and Contact

The local community meets every first Monday of each month to share, learn and have fun. Let's meet next month at the Cask Republic at 6pm for a drink and conversation about the future of OpenStreetMap in New Haven and around. Newcomers welcome :)

Next meeting will be 4/6/2020 at the Cask Republic at 6pm. Back up location in case of full or closed is Elm City Social.

You can also contact us through Slack on the #local-connecticut channel, or individual contributors in Connecticut.

Useful links

RSS feed links for tracking edits: New Haven area, whole CT


We have a few projects you can help us with. Contact us if you are interested, and we'll coordinate our efforts!

To keep track of new edits in Greater New Haven area add this rss feed to your reader.

Cleaning the gnis import

A lot of data comes from the gnis import and is not very accurate. This task has a few subtasks, depending on the type of gnis feature.

Historic districts

Some leisure=park from gnis are named “Historic District”, which typically means they are actually historical places, so to be tagged with heritage=*. It seems that in a lot of cases, they are listed in nhrp, for instance for New Haven. Follow Key:heritage#United_States. The original document might be found here for instance. If it is published before 1989 w/o a copyright notice, it’s in the public domain, so it's usable in OSM. Make sure to check the copyright notice before using such a document! This list is also interesting: you can search for the reference number from nrhp and get documents describing it in detail.

The New Haven Preservation Trust seems to have a lot more detailed data and shapes. We will try to contact them and see whether we can integrate their data in OSM. We'll have to be careful to preserve useful tags (gnis feature ID, wikidata, …) that were added on these nodes. Please do not work on this task while we wait for an answer from them, it will make our work harder later on ;)

Buildings as Nodes

Some building=* nodes are present in New Haven. They were probably imported and kept because they carry a name tag that might be interesting to keep. However, we now have all (or close to all) buildings in New Haven, which means these nodes should be merged with the building they qualify. The following query will help you identify such buildings. Some of these nodes are misplaced and might appear inside an existing building that is not the building it refers to! Be careful when merging. You should copy over the gnis:* tags and values to the object, and remove the old node. When an existing building already has the same name as the node, it is safe to assume it is the building referred to by the node, and merge them.

Churches, Schools, ...

All other types of data have been imported as points and never modified since (see USGS_GNIS). We can improve the data by moving the points to their correct position and map them as surfaces. A church could be expanded to a building=church, a school to an amenity=school area around the school buildings, etc. In order to find these nodes, you can use this overpass query.

Source for schools: public schools

Source for parks: public parks

Getting buildings and addresses

We need to find if there is any open data available on buildings and addresses in New Haven or Connecticut. If there is none, we'll trace buildings from imagery as it has been done until now, and collect addresses from the ground.

Shops, amenities

A lively city like New Haven is always changing. Shops and amenities change all the time! Help us update and improve the data quality by keeping them up-to-date on the map.

Sidewalks and crosswalks

New Haven has now 100% sidewalks and crosswalk coverage.

On a second pass, add information about crosswalks (traffic light, button operated, sound) and their accessibility for handicapped (Curb type, height).


Road information can be expanded (max speed, surface, lit, stop and yield signs) and include lanes and turn lanes.

Street lights: New Haven resource


Mapping fire hydrants [map], blue light phones (there are bunch of them along Farmington Canal Trail).

There is project connected to Yale Privacy Lab to map surveillance cameras [map] in Greater New Haven area.

Public transport

Adding information about bus stops and bus routes relations for CT transit and Yale Shuttles.

Resources for CT public transport: New Haven area , Hartford area, CT-wide

Yale Shuttle Status in OSM
Line Status Comment
Morning shuttles
Green not added AM version of route
Day Shuttles
Blue route done Some stops might be missing
Orange broken The route is broken in data, it needs to be repaired
Red not added partial trace
Yellow not added
Green not added PM version of route
Purple not added
Residential College Express not added
Law School not added Seems only door-to-door, no fixed route
Night Shuttles
Blue not added
Orange not added
Yellow not added
Weekend Shuttles
Blue route done Some stops might still be missing, especially in the south part of the route
Purple not added
Grocery not added

Connecticut-wide Projects

Roads improvement

Improving alignment of roads in CT.

Current project: Aligning roads in South West CT

Water geometry improvement

Improving alignment of water related objects in WestCOG area.

Adding businesses from OSM notes

Use Note API query to get latest 10000 notes in CT: Get notes

Search in your browser for text "" to find notes with business addition request.

Go to note:<insert_note_ID>

Rivers and landcover

It seems many smaller rivers are completely missing.

About New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America

latitude: 41.30769, longitude: -72.92664
Browse map of New Haven 41°18′27.68″ N, 72°55′35.90″ W
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New Haven is a city in Connecticut, United States of America at latitude 41°18′27.68″ North, longitude 72°55′35.90″ West.