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Add sports facilities to the map

The project of the week is a fun way to get out and map something that you might not map otherwise.

World Cup 2010 facilities in South Africa

Taking inspiration from the suggestion Project_of_the_week/Proposals#Proposals we're going to add more sports facilities to the map. Ideally, you'll live near the venues for World Cup 2010 and be able to add the stadiums, surrounding roads and points of interest. You'll find starting pointsWikiProject_South_Africa/Soccer_2010_Map.

In your area

But you don't have to live in South Africa to contribute sports facilities to OSM. Add a local baseball field, hockey rink, curling rink or football pitch to the map. Hey, why not add a dozen of them?

Sport field

You might find a sport field near a local school or in a municipal park. There may even be several in close proximity. Trace the outline of the pitch with your gps and add the sporty detail to the map.

You might tag an outdoor sport field as


Indoor sports

For an indoor single-sport facility consider


For a multi-sport center consider


For a sport stadium or arena consider


Mapping parties


key:sport 11 Mar 2010 21 Mar 2010
Element Count Percent Count Percent
Nodes 24363 28.0 %
Relations 24 0.0 %
Ways 61532 72.0 %
Changesets 0 0.0 %
Total 85919 100.0 %