Proposal:Add ability to specify ordering-only phone number, sms-only phone numbers and related tags

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Add ordering:* keys mimicking contact:* keys for placing orders; add contact:sms for text-only contact
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: JOlshefsky
Draft started: 2024-05-22
RFC start: 2024-06-24
Vote start: 2024-07-15
Vote end: 2024-07-29


This proposal is to clarify the usage of takeaway=*, delivery=*, and drive_through=* to use the same sub-tags as contact:*=*, and formally add contact:sms=*, currently in rare use with a phone number (per contact:sms taginfo).

[Note that the original proposal called for a new ordering:*=* but through discussion with Kovposch, I have changed the proposal, extending the dates to start voting. A later change removed the duplication of the contact:*=* sub-tags, instead making a reference to them, and I extended the voting date to allow for more comments.]

Key Usage examples Elements Description




drive_through:sms=+44 11223 456-789

node area relation Update the documentation for these tags to refer to sub-tags from contact:*=*, allowing the use of the same set of sub-tags.
contact:sms=* contact:sms=+44 11223 456-789} node way area relation Formally define the sub-tag to accept phone-number values.


After finding a restaurant node Founder's Cafe that had an SMS-only ordering phone, I found there was no way to tag either ordering or SMS-only.

In the case of contact-information specifically for placing an order, there does not appear to be a key that has a similar rationale. (A similar feature might be for pre-recorded message phone numbers, but for the most part, contact:phone=* would likely be fine for that purpose.) Expanding to include the Contact Details options would permit, say, a specific ordering website if it is different from the main website. Extending the existing takeaway=*, delivery=*, and drive_through=* allows a more fine-grained method of specifying information for each of those purposes.

In the case of SMS-only, this is new-to-me personally, but not surprising at all to have a phone number that is never voice-answered. The purpose of adding keys like the existing general-purpose sms=yes/no/only is to help users avoid the error of calling such a number and possibly leaving a message that would never be heard or answered.


The takeaway:*=*, delivery:*=*, and drive_through:*=*, is primarily to attach to restaurants, but it should be applicable to nodes, areas, and relations. It could also be applicable to other kinds of businesses or services that permit placing orders—say a grocery delivery service, or a hardware store.

The contact:sms=* is an extension to the existing Contact Details, it would be applicable to nodes, ways, areas, and relations.


For ordering, the specific example above is node Founder's Cafe (iD JOSM history) which, according to its website, has a text-only number to place orders. An area would be, for instance, area Domino's (iD JOSM history) rendered as a building.

Features/Pages affected

  1. Extend contact:*=* by adding contact:sms=*.
  2. Extend the existing takeaway=*, delivery=*, and drive_through=* to refer to the sub-tags from contact:*=* (including the new contact:sms=*).

External discussions

Please, cross post this announcement on the tagging mailing list on my behalf by sending an email to:


Please comment on the discussion page.


(Voting for this proposal is not open yet. The comments from the first round have been transcribed to the discussion page.)