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Marine shops and boat amenities
Proposal status: Rejected (inactive)
Proposed by: TheAnarcat
Tagging: shop=boat
Applies to: node, area
Definition: add shops for marine outfits

Draft started: 2016-03-13
RFC start: 2016-03-13
Vote start: 2016-04-11
Vote end: 2016-04-25


I have started tagging "marine" shops in Montreal. There are at least three such outfits in town, and I couldn't find a relevant tag to attach to them. After a discussion with the Marine team, I figured new tags were needed.

The proposal here is to formalize the use of shop=boat and deprecate the use of shop=marine, shop=chandler and shop=ship_chandler in favor of the usual Marine Seamarks generally in use in Openseamap.


A marine shop is a place where you can get various pieces of equipment and replacement parts for boats. It is very useful for sailors to know where to find such shops when they hit the land because sometimes they crucially need a replacement solar panel or GPS device and those are not always available everywhere!

A boat shop is a shop that sells boats, obviously. It already has a wiki page in shop=boat but is mostly undocumented and was never formally proposed.

The rationale behind reusing the boat tag is that it is already the most popular tag, and that there's a plethora of Marine-specific sub-tags that can clarify what the shop can and cannot do. In particular, there is already a seamark:small_craft_facility:category=chandler tag that covers the peculiar use case of "marine shops" I originally brought forward here.


Two examples in Montreal are:

  • McGill Maritime: they sell mostly sea charts, but also feature stuff like various boat ropes (halyards and so on), electric circuits and switches that are only relevant to boats
  • The Boathouse: also sells sea charts, but mostly boat gear: life jackets, biminis, GPS devices, you name it they have it.

Those two I tagged with shop=marine. They also have homepage fields if you want to see the website to get an idea of the gear they sell.

Discussing this further and thinking more about the usual practices on OSM, I figured shop=boat could be more appropriate. However, those two shops do *not* sell boats, and completely different outfits usually sell those, so I figured a shop=marine would be a better fit for the two above. I have since then found 3 more related tags that all seem to overlap, so I figured shop=boat could encompass them all and use the Marine seamark features to distinguish between those.


I considered using those tags, yet none of them quite fits the bill:

  • waterway=boatyard - much larger, usually on or near water, which is not necessarily the case for a marine shop. usually for building or fixing boats (but maybe also selling, I guess)
  • landuse=harbour or harbour=yes - similar: where you anchor your ship, may have some marine shops, but not necessarily, and those are usually distinct facilities - see also Harbour
  • leisure=marina - similar

I also considered using shop=sports, shop=scuba_diving and shop=fishing yet none of those seem to be relevant either.

This proposal concerns the clarification of the following tags.

value description
shop=boat a shop that sells boats and/or marine supplies

It superseds the following tags:

  • shop=chandler.- too ambiguous: does it sell also candles?
  • shop=marine - too broad: do they sell surfboards?
  • shop=ship_chandler - too localized: seems to be less used and in some cases just unknown in the US

Furthermore, chandler tags were overlapping with seamark:small_craft_facility:category=chandler, which is also in wide usage.

It is therefore proposed that the more general shop=boat tag be used for all boat-related shops and use the seamark:small_craft_facility:category=* tag series to clarify what kind of facility is in place, which can also apply to non-shop nodes like leisure=marina and so on.







Applies to

node, area, not sure it's relevant to ways or relations, but could be.


No peculiar rendering is currently proposed, but ideas are welcome.

Features/Pages affected

Map features and shop=* would need to modified, along with adding references in Harbour, landuse=harbour, waterway=boatyard and leisure=marina. boat=* should obviously be expanded and cross-referenced as well, along with seamark:small_craft_facility:category=chandler. shop=chandler, shop=marine and shop=ship_chandler would all be deprecated and would point to the shop=boat tag instead.


Please comment on the discussion page.


Voting closed

Voting on this proposal has been closed.

It was rejected with 1 vote for and 5 votes against.

Lack of support and near unanimous rejection for those that bothered to vote.

  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. --TheAnarcat (talk) 18:23, 11 April 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. As mentioned on the mailing list, shop:boat was never formally proposed or discussed (shop:marine was discussed, not shop:boat), and this technicality constitutes valid grounds for instant rejection, regardless of whether the proposal itself holds merit. --Kelerei (talk) 20:12, 11 April 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. Nope. Having "shop=boat" for a place that doesn't sell boats (a chandlery) is really needlessly confusing. --Richard (talk) 07:57, 12 April 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. this has already been discussed, see the mailing list here: [1] and here: [2] and here: [3]. I agree with User:Richard and User:Kelerei --Dieterdreist (talk) 08:20, 12 April 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. I don't usually vote on tag proposals, but as this suggestion is both clearly very confusing, and inferior to current usage of shop=chandlery it should be rejected. An alternative of shop=boat_supplies would appear more sensible as a useful synonym for chandlery. SK53 (talk) 12:01, 12 April 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. See mailing list. --Sarchittuorg (talk) 14:01, 12 April 2016 (UTC)